September 27, 2023


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Trendy in Gütersloh, Game Brands Check, The Magical Seal Review, Obscurious, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Trendy in Gütersloh, Game Brands Check, The Magical Seal Review, Obscurious, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Hip in Gütersloh, Brands Games Check, Review The Magical Seal, Obscurious

The second mystery game that landed on our table was The Magic Seal for 1-4 players aged 12 or over. This adventure is also based on one of the Escape rooms from Riddle Room Ruhrpott that we have chosen from a selection # void He was the first to take the adventures that #to flee #room Presentation we haven’t played yet. Alley and the disappeared #journalist We have already played.

In this game, we got 3 powerful magical artifacts which were hidden in our magical school from all places.

The dark wizard has made his way to the School of Witchcraft to obtain the artifacts in his possession. In order to protect them from him and his minions, we must now set out to hide the artifact in a safe place.

The premise of this adventure is an exciting radio play element, which also introduces our loyal companion Heti, the owl, into the game.

When you spread the game material on the table, you can already tell how much joy and passion is behind it. Real Potter fans were in action here. Although of course you weren’t told that this is set in the Harry Potter universe. However, the topic never seems overburdened, for even non-headers players to enjoy.

Our adventure begins in a seven-door room, with a mystery hidden behind each door. The puzzles hidden behind vary in subject matter, structure, and level of difficulty.

The task is non-linear, so rooms can also be divided. However, an internet-connected device must be available in each room so that you can listen to the introduction in question.

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The introduction and radio playback elements are done to present the puzzles in each room really well. As with many other games, this eliminates long reading out loud as you also go deeper into the story.

How the individual puzzle threads move toward the end and the end itself is exciting. None of the seven puzzle solutions are alike, so there is always variety. Also because the puzzles, due to the different approaches, drew one player here and another there. But the advantage of non-linear puzzle structure is that you can split or replace puzzles.

Where we are stuck, we can talk about one #QR Get the code. Tips, which can be selected in several stages, are also sent to us via radio playback elements. It feels good because Heti is becoming more and more a member of the team.

If you want to pass on the game to friends, the used game materials can be printed again, which is also a great feature #a story It is to make others happy with the game.

The bottom line is that this adventure is also an all-around affair, which we as a team really enjoyed.

Hartmut Brand, Escape room news center

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