November 30, 2021


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Treasure hunt for New Orleans to discover the city

brilliant. Excited and determined to enjoy life and the city for the best of luck!

Single, Nelly, a young 50-year-old employee of a powerful social protection group, has benefited from professional transfer. So she left Neuilly-sur-Marne (Seine Saint-Denis) to join Orleans on August 7.

Saturday, October 23, was among the very rare participants in the scavenger hunt developed by the Accueil des Villes Français (AVF) and intended for New Orleans.

“AVF is perfect as a front door”

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Passionate about photography, swimming and Pilates, I absolutely wanted to rediscover the activities formerly practiced in the Paris region. Surf the internet before dropping anchor in Loiret. “I was looking for a city with a real cultural and sports life. Orléans brings me closer to the family circle created in Nevers,” she adds those already registered with Orléans Image, a photo-source club, which swims in pools and frequents the sports club on Rue Jean Pointe.

And AVF in all of this? “The association is perfect as a gateway. I met the volunteers at R Entrée en fête and came back to their welcome drink in September,” Captivates Nelly who, most likely, will become a member.

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The Jackpot Hotel

One thing is for sure, on Saturday afternoon I took part in the treasure hunt developed by Claude and Christian, two volunteers of the association. A series of questions, often tinged with humor, invited us on a two-hour excursion into Old Orleans. Question: In front of you is the jackpot hotel, in other words….” Groslot, of course!

With her team, AVF Orléans President Brigitte Leblogion is striving for a new membership. Annie did not hesitate. She, who lived in Orleans from 1984 to 1996, before fleeing to New Caledonia and then Perch, had only one ambition aspiration: to return to Johannine. After being advised by a friend of La Ferté-Bernard, she joined AVF “To meet a whole group of people there.”

AVF : 11 Pastorio Street in Orleans.
Mail: [email protected]

Philip Raymond