July 20, 2024


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Travelport introduces new AI-powered technology » News | Advice

Travelport introduces new AI-powered technology » News | Advice

Today, the global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel providers worldwide announced the launch of its Content Curation Layer (CCL). The benefit for agents: CCL uses artificial intelligence (AI) to search and sift through billions of travel options to help travel agencies find the perfect deal for their clients.

This is how the new technology works:

Travelport’s content curation layer is a powerful technology that leverages AI and machine learning (ML) to sift through aggregated content from multiple sources and deliver search results faster than the average flight search response time. It identifies the most relevant offers for each traveler to create a faster, smarter search experience for the agent. This level of technology simplifies the process of delivering sales-ready content to agencies and helps them curate the most attractive options for travelers.

A key feature of CCL is the Content Optimizer, a new Travelport+ product that gives agency clients greater control over all types of content, including traditional and NDC content. With the ability to set agency-specific rules, travel agents can use the Content Optimizer to customize search options and results, improve revenue optimization, and reduce content overload.

“Our agency partners know their travelers well, and Content Optimizer gives them the ability to set their own rules and customize the type of results they want to prioritize,” said Greg Webb, CEO of Travelport. “This innovative product gives travel agents more control over their content thanks to AI, saving them time and money.”

More information can be found at: Travelport.com/plus/ai-powered-search-controls (red)

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