November 27, 2021


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Top 7 Square Enix Games – Games – Tecnoblog

Some producer franchises have been with us since the last century. see below, The 7 most popular Square Enix games, in direct relationship to the volume of sales and collection. To avoid just sticking with different titles from the same story, we’ve narrowed down the list to franchises.

Characters from many of the Square Enix franchises (Photo: Square Enix/Courtesy)

7. Chrono starter

A classic RPG and considered by many to be the best among the older generations of consoles. Chrono player She started her franchise in 1995 for SNES, selling about 5 million copies. Two games are hardly a franchise, but the truth is that there was a second game that few Westerners knew about in the series. chrono. Radical Dreamers It was only released on Super Nintendo or Japanese Super Famicom. It was released in 1996 as an animation and serves as the basis for what would become Chrono Cross in 1999.

  • Release year: 1995
  • Platforms: Windows, SNES, Nintendo DS, Wii, PS1, PS3

6. SaGA

long story The franchise began in 1989 for the Game Boy and has sold about 10 million units. In fact, it was like a file Role from Final Fantasy In the West, called Final Fantasy Legend in 1990.

All three Game Boy games will be named this way, and it was the first true SaGA game released here that stayed true to the name SaGa Frontier for PS1.

  • Release year: 1989
  • Plataformas: Game Boy, SNES, Wii, PS1

5. mana

where It started its franchise in 1991 for game boy It sold about 12 million units. I also started as a file Role from Final FantasyHowever, unlike the SaGA franchise, this game has also been referred to under the Final Fantasy banner. next game, mana secret On SNES, this is where the series is where Really started. The last game was actually a remake of the third entry, Mana trials.

  • Release year: 1991
  • Plataformas: Windows, PS1, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, SNES, Game Boy,

4. Kingdom Hearts

In fact, the highlight of Square Enix is ​​the role-playing games. Kingdom Hearts It started in 2002 for PS2 and has sold 32 million units. This is a huge leap in terms of franchise sales, but it just shows how strong the brand is. Disney.

The last match was Kingdom Hearts: A Melody of Memory. General release schedule everywhere, with transformers and pop up in abundance, Kingdom Hearts She has not lost her fans after nearly two decades.

  • Release year: 2002
  • Plataformas: Windows, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox One

3. Tomb Raider

Take a break in RPGs. Tomb rider Its first title was released in 1996 for PS1 and sold somewhere around 81 million units. The last match was Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018.

The team may be on a break for a while, to see how Square Enix He wasn’t happy with most of the sales of the last trilogy. Most companies considered it good, but it’s not good enough for Square Enix. Lara Croft It always comes back, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Release year: 1996
  • Plataformas: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series, PS1, PS3, PS4, PS5

2. Dragon Quest

Back to the RPG, the first Dragon Adventure It’s 1986 for the NES – Nintendo 8-bit – and has sold about 82 million units. It will be the last match Dragon Quest: Die Infinity Smash AdventureIt is expected to be launched in 2021 for multiple platforms.

It is based on a manga that began in 1989 and has expanded into thirty-seven volumes, consisting of more than three hundred chapters. There was also an anime adaptation that lasted much less. generally, Dragon Adventure It is the king of pure and simple JRPGs.

  • Release year: 1986
  • Plataformas: SNES, Nintendo Switch, Game Boy, PlayStation 4

1. Final Fantasy

There is no escape from the most popular game series in Square EnixMany titles released and uploaded by fans. Final Fantasy It started its franchise in 1987 for NES and has sold about 159 million units.

Dragon Adventure He might be a king in Japan, but Final Fantasy He was, and probably always will be, the ambassador of Japanese RPGs around the world. latest address, Final Fantasy XVIIt’s set to premiere in 2021. With the delays already happening, it’s hard to believe, but the fan is always rooting.

  • Release year: 1987
  • Plataformas: Windows, SNES, PlayStation, Game boy,

Honorable Mention

Some popular games never made it to the top seven, but they are always worth mentioning:

  • space invaders;
  • Kane’s Legacy.
  • only reason 2;
  • Hitman (product titles);
  • Nir Automata.

Do you know any other notable game or franchise from Square Enix This is not here??? Leave it in the comments.informative: VG . sales.

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