December 6, 2021


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Tony Marshall – The Last Dream

Tony Marshall’s new album “The Last Dream” is more serious and in-depth than many previous works, but also interestingly interpreted by this great artist who has been on the stage for more than 60 years.

Thank God Tony Marshall didn’t become an opera singer, as all Schlager fans will say, because otherwise you’d be missing out on so many great songs from the Schlager world. The famous and well-known singer has been on stage for more than 60 years, delighting fans with his songs. Music has changed in over six decades, but Tony has remained true to himself and his music. The iconic and multi-award winning pop star has now released a new album, perhaps even more serious — at least with the new album “The Last Dream” — SCHLAGERportal has listened to it for you.

Beautiful music and thoughtful lyrics on Tony Marshall’s new album!

“The Last Dream” is a beautiful song in Tony Marshall He dares to do something like take a grateful look at his life and think about the fact that life is finally over and that you can still enjoy your last dreams in color, but definitely with a happy ending. With “Allen,” the 80’s Dancing Bears will be so happy, as the song recalls the great times of typical dance music from the first note. In terms of content, the song tells of the longing for the beloved Allen who left him. Song number 3 on the album goes so smoothly, “When You’re Home Alone” tells a story about a woman who is alone and has to worry about whether it’s OK to be alone at home – beautiful music. “After the rain the flowers bloom” and “Are you sure” are very thoughtful songs.

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“Father and Sons” originally sung by Joseph aka Cat Stevens in 1970, is a beautifully crafted German version of the great song, Tony was supported by his sons Mark and Pascal. “Love me tender” is also a cover version that Tony Marshall sings very softly and calmly, accompanied only by an accordion, overall very harmonious and pleasant to listen to. “As Beautiful As Love With You” is reminiscent of Tony’s old Schunkel songs, a happy song about love in typical Marshall style. This song and the next “Mourir ou vivre” were produced musically in a very French way, with even the second song sung in French. “Be good again” is an excuse echoed after a previous discussion, again with very nice music to dance to. There will always be new life, and evil will always give way to good, you have to dare to do something and you must love – because the sun will always shine for us are the themes of the song “Children of Light”, with great motivating lines of text as factors. On the penultimate track “Der Star”, Tony sings with his son Mark about the beloved star in the glow of the stage light, the lines of which sing softly in the concert hall. The song seems to tell us quite a bit about what they experienced in the wonderful careers of artists, including beautiful piano music. The title of the last album “Das 11. Gebot” immediately invites you to the dance floor musically, but lyrically again very thoughtful and made a little gloomy but with a call to live life, because you only have one thing.

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Tony Marshall: “The Last Dream” – Conclusion

Tony Marshall’s new work is very well produced, the music almost invites you to dance and reminds us of the really big songs on the ballrooms of the ’80s. “The Last Dream” may also have been for Tony to immortalize himself on the album with his sons. But in the fall of his life, Tony Marshall seems to have become a little more thoughtful, leaving only a few typical Schunkel songs and good moods. On the other hand, it is compelling in terms of content with thought-provoking texts and a must-have for people to think about the essentials in this hectic time.

Photo: Telamo / Kerstin Joensson