December 6, 2021


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To stir up careers in agriculture, the government is using video games

There are not many young people who would like to take on agricultural jobs. In any case, it is not enough for the government, which has decided to use a new method to excite professions: to organize a virtual competition at the end of October on video games. farming simulator, The participants manage their operations themselves. As mentioned Sunday newspaper On October 17, this competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture is aimed at “young people between the ages of 15-30, lovers of games and e-sports”.

By organizing this online agricultural tournament, the CEO intends to provide education on the many agricultural professions, but also on the current development of the sector, particularly with regard to environmental transformation and animal welfare. During his presentation of the investment plan “France 2030” on Tuesday 12 October, Emmanuel Macron announced his desire to invest 2 billion euros in “breakthrough” innovations in the agricultural sector. He specifically referred to robotics, digital technology and genetics for “healthy, sustainable and traceable food”.

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The Importance of “Renewing Generations”

This particularly unusual competition comes on the heels of a call made in September by the head of young farmers, Guillaume Cabot, to Emmanuel Macron, to create agricultural professions. asked about Europe 1, He noted that by 2026, 40% of farmers will have reached retirement age. So he insisted on the importance of “generational renewal” to avoid any disruption to French agriculture.