December 2, 2023


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Tina is back! / In mid-April 2022, Kristen Balogh will return to the Fürstenhof for several episodes of her role as Tina Kessler.

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In honor of presenting Andrei’s cookbook, Icelandic star chef Tina Kessler returns to her old home in Bichelheim. All she really wanted to do was write a cookbook review and then enjoy a little time away from her family and her restaurant. But when André (Joachim Lätsch) asks her to stand on his behalf in the “Fürstenhof” kitchen, Tina can’t help her and accepts the offer. Not only is Hildegard (Antje Hagen) and Josie (Lena Konzendorf) happy to support in the kitchen, but also Paul, who meets his old girlfriend …

From Episode 3806 (expected airing date: April 12, 2022) Kristen Balogh returns to “Love Storm” in 14 episodes. Between 2013 and 2019, Balogh played the lovable Tina Kessler in the fantasy production of Bavaria in over 1,400 episodes. In season 15, she married former co-star Ragnar Sigurdsson (Jerwin Engelman) and moved to Iceland with him and their son Tom.

“It was a pleasure to see the team and teammates again. It felt like coming home. Instead of excitement, just joy, faithful to the motto: Where have we been?” Kristen Balogh says about her comeback.

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