August 9, 2022


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Windows Microsoft problemas segurança vulnerabilidades

Time to update Windows! The September patch handles 86 accidents on Tuesday

Every Tuesday, the second Tuesday, Microsoft brings news to Windows and many of its products. These focus on security and use solutions to solve problems that put users at risk.

This month was different, which is why the September link came on Tuesday. Microsoft has now fixed 86 vulnerabilities in its products and ensured their safety. These are more serious, so it’s time to update Windows.

Most recent Update list Windows and Microsoft products were released a few hours ago. This software company follows the same plan that it has had for many years and this update packs all the essential components for the security of the users.

This time 86 security vulnerabilities were handled and guaranteed that they would not affect users again. Of these, 2 are more intense and affect the edge. Without the browser, there are 60 failures, of which 3 are major, one is moderate and 56 are critical.

One of the many that has been resolved is a recent defect Affects MSHTML. This allows the user to explore it without interference and gain remote PC access. There is no solution to this problem and it is now solved.

This is a flaw known to be actively exploited and there is no solution to prevent it from being exploited. Since the bug was released, users are now protected and away from potential issues that may arise in the meantime.

Windows releases Microsoft security vulnerabilities

Another drawback In the meantime resolved One that affects printers on Windows (PrintNightmare). After many solutions that never worked, Microsoft was finally able to completely solve this problem.

Since this security update contains all the solutions, it is necessary to install this update. Fixed a number of issues that brought serious security issues to Windows and other Microsoft applications.

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