June 25, 2022


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"Time flies," declared Haseim.  Travel freely, do whatever you want, and enjoy a short life - automatically

“Time flies,” declared Haseim. Travel freely, do whatever you want, and enjoy a short life – automatically

Developer Playables announced on June 10 that the flight simulator “Time is runningAnnounced. Supported platforms are PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch and PS4, scheduled for delivery in 2023.

“Time Flies” is a simulation game where you can become a fly. The life of a fly is short and time passes. Even with such a fly, there are many things I want to do before I die. For example, reading a book, learning a musical instrument, getting drunk, making someone laugh, or looking at yourself. The list of things you want to do before you die, the so-called to-do list, is huge.

This work is said to be a game experience that combines an open world game and a flight simulator. Players become flies and fly around the house freely, completing items written in the collection list one by one in a limited amount of time. In the trailer you can see the coins in the shadows of the lights, perhaps earning them will fulfill your desire to “get rich”.

Otherwise, try touching the strings of the guitar to make a sound, or stop at the sole of a lying human foot and tickle it. By interacting with a specific place, it appears that a unique reaction will be returned. As I hopped into the liquor spilled into my cocktail glass, the flies seemed to be loose. It seems like one goal has been achieved, but you may never wake up drunk.

This work uses a 1-bit graphic with only black pixel art on a white background. It is a very simple visual, and the fly is only a black dot in the drawing, but in the zoom scene, the fly-like appearance is well expressed by the detailed animation. There are a number of objectives set for this game, but it is up to the player to spend the rest of his life, just jumping around, listening to music on turntables, and more.

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Michael Fry of Playables, who developed this work, is best known for working on critically acclaimed works such as the interactive puzzle “Plug & Play” using plugs and the interactive short animation “KIDS” that depicts the audience. Time Flies also makes us feel like it’s going to be a surreal and thought-provoking action that follows the flow of both.

“Time Flies” is a PC (steam) / Scheduled for delivery in 2023 for Nintendo Switch and PS4.