January 25, 2022


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Thrilling horror movie or a bloodless comeback?  We discuss "Scream 5" [Podcast] - Kino News

Thrilling horror movie or a bloodless comeback? We discuss “Scream 5” [Podcast] – Kino News

Whether it’s Rosemaries Baby, Halloween, Cannibal Holocaust or Scream: Pascal loves horror cinema in all its disturbing beauty.

It’s been ten years since Scream 4 hit theaters. Now begins the fifth part, which is again called simply “Scream”. Will Ghostface Killer fans be happy with it? You can find out in the podcast…

Paramount Pictures / Webedia GmbH

While canvas love presenter Sebastian didn’t enjoy “The Scream” until much later, editor-in-chief Christophe and FILMSTARTS editor Pascal are true Ghostface ultras and count the classic Wes Craven horror among their all-time favorites. In “Scream 5,” which is also called “Scream,” he’s now back in Woodsboro – and in another way also goes back to the roots of the cult franchise.

As it should be for the “Scream” part, guessing who the killer is is, of course, essential for your viewing pleasure. This is why the first half of our podcast is spoiler-free, only after warning we go into more detail, which of course we don’t want to do at this point. Suffice it to say: anyone with a heart for “Scream” will get their money back with the new movie.


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