October 24, 2021


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thq nordic anniversary games

THQ Nordic Anniversary Display: 6 new games presented

Several new titles have been announced as part of the digital THQ Nordic Showcase. Source: THQ Nordic

THQ Nordics’ first digital showcase for the 10th anniversary, which took place today, September 17, has just ended. Among other things, six new games were revealed.

Here you will find all the announced titles and their related trailers.

Destroy all humans! 2 – Condemned

That’s right, Earthlings, Crypto is back, and this time the “Swinging Sixties” invasion begins. After the KGB erupts in the motherland, the crypto seeks revenge and hunts down its enemies in the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, Japan and even the moon! Destroy all humans! 2 – Complete remake of the condemned original game. The game will be completely rebuilt on Unreal Engine 4 and will get some new and revised features. Destroy all humans! 2 – Restructured by Black Forest Games already responsible for the brand’s most successful relaunch in 2020. The game is currently in development on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.


SpongeBob SquarePants: Cosmic Shake

In the vast expanse of the universe, anything is possible … mayonnaise may even be a fact that is not a tool! While the mysterious astrologer Cassandra Sponspop and Patrick offer options, the two friends accidentally open portals to the mysterious world of dreams. This is fun until your friends disappear into the portals! Explore seven different worlds to save the universe and slip through more than 30 cosmic skins: SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake. Currently in development for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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Expelled 2 – A fresh start

Friendly Invader Hunter Returns From The Neighborhood: Cutter Slate Outcast 2- Adelba returns to the fascinating alien world with a fresh start. Twenty years after the events of the first game, Adelba is now threatened by invaders: a vicious robot army exploits the planet, enslaving its people and even walking over corpses. Cutter’s task is clear: he must organize a resistance, save the occupants and give the invaders a powerful ***** kick! Outcast 2 was created by the original crew behind Appeal Studio, the first appealing adventure in Belgium. Open-World Action-Adventure offers fast 3rd-person battles and a non-linear science-fiction story with dynamic plot development based on players’ actions. Outcast 2 – A new beginning for PC, Xbox Series S / X and PS5 is currently in development.


Dissociated Alliance3

Fans have been waiting for the real third installment of the decades-famous Jack Alliance series. Strategists at Hammond Games, well known for the Tropico series, Surviving Mars, Victor Vron and many more powerful games, are now finally creating a worthy successor to the popular series. Soldiers take command of a mercenary in the fictional state of Grand Zion. The country was plunged into chaos by a paramilitary organization called “The Legion”. Jack Alliance 3 combines tactical demanding and twist-based battles with the exploration of a larger game world and strategic elements: the conquest of territories, the formation of local fighters and the creation of various battlegrounds from a large group of exotic mercenaries – most of which are old acquaintances for line fans. The Jogging Alliance also offers 3 RPG components, so the mercenaries will have special properties that can be balanced by gaining experience, you can “loot” and change your weapons to suit your own taste. Jack Alliance 3 is currently in development for PC and will offer co-op multiplayer mode so you can free up the Grand Chain with a friend.

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Super Power 3

Super Power 3 is suitable for everyone with the trend of megalomania, he firmly believes that he can rule the world better than the politicians we know. In this great strategy game set in the contemporary world, the goal of the players is to lead their chosen nation to world domination or to dare to overcome many situations. Wouldn’t this be the impetus for the resurrection of the British Empire in all its glory? Soldiers determine the fortunes of the economy, politics, diplomacy, social progress, military strategy and many more. If you have ever dreamed of ruling the world, you can try it with Super Power 3.

MX vs ATV: Legends

MX and ATV rights PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is ready to be introduced in consoles. Through the most comprehensive professional system, MX vs ATV Legends invites players to create their own path on stage. There are more sponsors and special events to choose from than ever before. In the new “Tracks” mode you measure yourself against the forces of nature.

Alex 2

This is not a new announcement, but it’s very strong: the brand new story trailer for the open world roll-flaming game ELEX II shows Jacks’ beast, isolated — why it’s time to give him his exile.

Further Alex 2 You can find it here:

ELEX 2: Branha Bites Reveals Its Secret Instead Of The Gothic Remake

Trips: Rome

To enhance it, the development team behind the upcoming Classic Party Roll-Flaming Game Exhibitions: Rome makes their game even better: a game world full of great characters and a game world that responds to the actions of players.

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Show again

If you missed the show, you can watch it again in full here:

There are still some promotions and free games for THQ Nordic fans for the anniversary. If you want to know more about it, check it out here:

THQ Nordic 10 Years: Digital Party, Free Games and Expressions