December 2, 2023


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This new camouflage technology makes soldiers almost invisible

It’s not Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak yet, but we’re getting close. An IDF supplier has developed an innovative camouflage technology that makes soldiers invisible to the human eye as well as thermal detection systems.

On Earth, the goal of soldiers sent on a mission is to be as careful as possible. There are many ways to conceal its presence, but nothing compares to the level of technology developed by Polaris Solutions, which allows those who wear it to be virtually invisible not only facing human eyes, but also thermal imaging equipment.

It is almost impossible to detect it

The object is a sheet of 500 grams, the components of which (microfibers, polymers) are assembled in such a way that it is very difficult to determine where the people covered are. The device, called Kit 300, was designed jointly with the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

According to Gal Harari, head of the ministry’s research and development unit, the soldiers wearing the sheet cannot be seen from a distance through binoculars. Of course, the environment plays a key role: “Invisibility” will work best in rocky and sandy environments. As for the thermal signal produced by the human body, it is almost impossible to detect it using detection systems.

In addition to individual use, nothing prevents the creation of a “barrier” by hitting the sheets next to each other. Soldiers in the rear will benefit from this protection. Polaris sees beyond Israel: The company is working with special forces in Canada and the United States to provide them with this technology.

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