December 1, 2023


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This LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar review reveals the new packaging

This LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar review reveals the new packaging

An early look at the LEGO 76418 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar revealed a change to the interior packaging – with a possible bug.

Christmas has come early! It may not be until August with LEGO YouTubers ashenflash He’s already got a LEGO Harry Potter Advent calendar. He has guided us from every door and beyond The video is completeBut an error occurred that revealed a potential problem with the new packaging design.

While LEGO advent calendars traditionally feature plastic dividers, the LEGO Group implements a number of measures to reduce the amount of plastic they produce in cardboard boxes Choose square bricks and cardboard packaging for small collectible figures. As explained by Ashnflash, the cardboard dividers in the 76418 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar are nested together, but there appear to be small gaps between the different sections.

At one point, this meant that a LEGO YouTuber inadvertently pulled out the wrong bag halfway through. It was easy for him to get the bag in and he seemed to quickly realize it was the wrong bag, so not a big deal. However, if the advent calendar has been shaken a lot in transit, the possibility of movement may cause the days to shift before you can open your doors.

However, perhaps a few shake-ups in the advent calendar might be worth it if it means the LEGO Group can stick to its customers’ goals of having all its packaging made from more sustainable sources by the end of 2025. In the end, Ashnflash had fun unboxing LEGO 76418 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, and the minifigures look festive and fun. No matter who walks out the wrong door, it’s sure to be a worthwhile gift.

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76,418 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar will be available starting at $44.99. September 1, well before the holiday season, for $2,023.

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