July 1, 2022


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This is expected, NVIDIA is recruiting for the successor model of the Nintendo Switch | Nico Nico News

the newNintendo SwitchThere have been rumors about this for a long time,nintendotochipsupplynvidiaButhome matchMachine relatedTechnicalRecruitment has begun. There is a possibility that the preparations are finally in full swing.

From the end of last weeknvidiateeth,a jobSpecialized typeSNShe isconnectionto edIn “game machineDevelopera toolEngineerGame Negativesfirst DrEverunner a tools engineer) “A job posting. The designated human cadre is the ‘next generation’.game machineuseThe drawingDevelopera toolIt has profound artistic ability, creativity and practical cultivation ability. “softwareEngineerhe is.

The main content of the work isnvidiaThe drawingvinegar·a toola teamIn cooperation with developers around the worldnvidia GPUfromEnergyIt can be fully utilizeda toolto construct. Furthermore”GamefromcorrectionorMore powerfulPursuitGameTo provide developers with the best ‘low-level languages’ experience (moremechanical languageCloseassembly languagecan handle etc.)programmercollected.

In this classified ad, especially “Developers are higher and more stable.flame‘Achievement rate’ into accountGPULittlelevelperformancefromchoning/More powerfulIt is added that he is looking for someone who knows a talent. ”

If you read further, it is not very strongGPUIt is necessary to maximize the performance ofhardware… … Thus, from competitorsperformanceBlocked (so you can use both fixed and mobile devices)nintendofromgame machineIt seems to match.

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alsoNintendo SwitchteethnvidiaThe only current model that uses a man-made processorgame machineAnd (PlayStation 5whenX-Box a seriesBoth are X/S.AMDfromchipadopted),nvidiaHe is a “next generation” developer.a toolI will presentgame consolesThere seems to be only one clothing company.

last August,nvidiateethgame machineDLSS 2.0 forTechnicalI was also looking for. DLSS is an approximate screen widthbellIt is comparable to a high definition screenQualityIt’s a technique to display a lotEnergyEven without a processor (apparently)High accuracyIt is cognition. Again, the processing power is modestnintendoDifficultIt appears to be an appropriate technique.

nintendoBut”Nintendo Switchnext termgame consolesThere is no doubt that we are preparing, but when will it be released?Nintendo SwitchThe processor installed in it is “2016fromIphone Considering it’s a generation close to 7, there may have been some movement over the past couple of years.

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That’s to be expected, is NVIDIA recruiting for the successor model of the Nintendo Switch?