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“There is nothing to see from the lake.”

“There is nothing to see from the lake.”

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“What’s going on with him?” the user asks. It seems that the newcomer to the North Sea was negatively surprised by the coast – he turned his anger into an insane review.

Sankt Peter-Ording – Unfortunately, disappointments are always part of the holidaymakers. The hotel room, which looked like a palace in internet photos, turned out to be a broom closet. one wonders In light of food prices, whether snacks are really gold plated. Or travelers complain about rather strange and incomprehensible things like a sandy beach.

A beach chair in the Wadden Sea near Böhl/Sankt Peter-Ording on the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea coast at low tide. © Gunter Novak/Imago

1 out of 5 stars: The Google North Sea rating is devastating and bizarre

Google ranking in reddit It caused a sensation. It’s already several years old, but it was posted as a screenshot on the aforementioned network this year to kick off the holiday season. The result was more than 200 comments. The author, who calls himself Niels P. (name shortened by our editors), gives it 1 out of 5 stars. The review says in the wording – potential errors not corrected: “A complete failure, go to the North Sea, I said it… Arriving by swamp train was a complete disaster… Yes, instead of a sandy beach, there was a sandy beach”. A grassy hill behind the mighty North Sea should…because of the loamy desert of the lake nothing to see straight to the train station and headed home and paid for the 2 weeks stay to no avail. no reaction. It will never happen again.”

Google North Sea rating
This Google ranking gets a lot of derision on Reddit. © Screenshot

Nordsee has over 4,200 reviews on Google – and an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars

The rating is real, and our editors have already found it among more than 4,200 Google reviews for the North Sea (average rating 4.2 stars out of 5). But is she supposed to be serious? There are in fact a number of reviews of the North Sea which are clearly intended as a joke. “The fresh air smells a bit like fish,” for example. Or: “I find it so sad that the water isn’t always there. I’m fine with mermaids being thirsty in there too, but they should give us some too. Plus, the whole thing was so salty, my dogs didn’t feel well after that. More chlorine, please!”

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However, in direct comparison, it does not appear that the review of Niels B. contain no humor. And he was sincerely surprised by the “mud desert”. In fact, some newcomers to the North Sea may not be familiar with the principle of tides – and may be surprised that it is nothing like a beach in Rimini or even the Maldives. The rugged coastline is a charm for many North Sea lovers – and others should look for other destinations for their holiday. Incidentally, Niels B. Exactly where the flight is going.

The North Sea review receives much sarcasm: “What’s going on with that?”

The supposedly unfamiliar first-time visitor to the North Sea also gets a lot of derision from Reddit users – at least from those who take his sentences seriously. “You drive to the sea and you can’t find him there!” Someone annoys. Others jokingly said, “Time is changing” and “What is happening with it?” Of course, there are also serious discussions about potential bathing destinations in the North Sea – because there are already attractive sandy beaches. The review also gets some approval from the North Sea despised: “He’s not entirely wrong, the North Sea is totally overrated. I always prefer the Baltic Sea for a beach holiday closer to home. There are also far fewer eccentrics than there is on Sylt, for example.”

Another tells of a similar experience of his own: “I was similarly disappointed on my first visit to the North Sea. I came from the Baltic Sea and didn’t know the tides. I was really excited because I really wanted to swim. I was five.” Reply: “You forgot to write a comment at that time.” Quick Reply: “I wanted to, but Google didn’t exist at the time.” German family holiday in the Netherlands turned into ‘absolute horror trip’ (flexible)