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There is no standard rating for Starfield: that’s what the first test reports say

There is no standard rating for Starfield: that’s what the first test reports say

Just hours before Starfield Early Access, the review ban has now fallen and the first test reports from the German and international press are available. We give you an overview and take a look at the Metacritic and OpenCritic rating.

Is the Starfield hype justified?

In the past few weeks, the hype surrounding Bethesda’s new sci-fi game Starfield has taken on new dimensions. Now the release is imminent and the first test reports have appeared. review group in Metacritic It guarantees a solid score of 87/100 points. Also in opencritic Starfield has a rating of 87/100 points.

We have looked at the reviews of well-known German and international media in the field of gaming and do not want to withhold expert opinions about the game from you. Here is an overview of the well-known press representatives who have been able to deal extensively with Starfield in the past few days. Some of them should certainly provide a topic for discussion.

The star of the game (Rating – 81 points): “Starfield didn’t turn out to be the game I had envisioned in the lead-up to the announcement. It’s a Bethesda role-playing game as we know it, partly with a fresh coat of paint,” but behind the scenes there are still strengths – and vulnerabilities – in the system. And anyone who can accept that will find a new home here for the next few weeks. All other role-playing fans are currently better off with Baldur’s Gate 3.” (Read comments)

4players (Rating – 82 percent): “While I was still euphoric after the first two hours of play, I then broke down and was like: It’s not going to work. Starfield disappoints… Then the tide turned again. How I expected Bethesda’s main story to be the same Of the highlights, or will the randomness of the planets get in my way too much?But once you get to the point where the Starfield is blazing, the hours go by and the nights get ever shorter. They must be.” (Read comments)

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games World (Unsubscribed): “Is Starfield a masterpiece? Not quite and probably not enough to classify Baldur’s Gate III as this year’s (role) game, which is mainly due to the character portrayal and dialogue. Still, it’s because I feel at least it’s the better game.” And the most mature from Bethesda Game Studios yet. No other title from the developer is so comprehensive, well-thought-out, varied, and complete – and so error-free.” (Read comments)

IGN (Rating – 7/10 points): “It’s never a good sign when someone recommends a game on the grounds that it’s going to be fine in twelve hours or more, but this is exactly the type of Starfield game, and I recommend it” There are so many factors that hold it back The combination of incoherent space travel, non-existent maps, difficult inventory management, and slow rollout of core capabilities nearly killed the game.” (Read comments)

Video Games Chronicle (VGC) (Rating – 5/5 stars): “Starfield is undoubtedly an experience that players will cherish for years to come. It is rich in content as rarely seen in the modern gaming world, which is exactly what people who have played different versions of it for so many years are looking for Skyrim It doesn’t reinvent the wheel with its mechanics, but it does almost everything it does so well that it makes for a truly immersive experience.(Read comments)

GamesRadar (Review – Editor’s Choice): “Starfield isn’t really a game you play to complete. It’s about living the life you want to live in the literal universe Bethesda created. Whatever you decide to do, you can almost certainly do it, And the scope is kind of liberating – you’ll probably never see or do everything, so just enjoy the moment.” (Read comments)

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computer players (Score – 75 percent): “After all the hype and hope and anticipation, I’m sorry to say that I don’t like Starfield as much as other Bethesda RPGs. It’s similar in many ways, but Starfield never feels as compelling and interactive as Oblivion or Skyrim or as wild and weird as Fallout Games.” (Read comments)
starfieldEarly access to Starfield begins September 1st at 2AM

Want to play Starfield in early access?

If you want to start in Starfield on September 1 (Friday) at 2 am, you need the premium version of this sci-fi role-playing game. You will get it directly to your computer On Steam for €99.99 Or as a download code from Amazon for €109.99 on the Play Anywhere version for Windows and Xbox Series X|S. Alternatively, you can subscribe to PC or Xbox Game Pass and purchase the premium upgrade for as little as €30.

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