November 30, 2021


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The windshield may turn into a large display | Car News

Technological advances found in modern cars were out of the question 25 years ago. Seeing how fast things are progressing, one can only try to imagine what tomorrow will look like.

At Volvo, we’re interested in technology that can revolutionize… windshields. In fact, the Swedish company has decided to fund start-up Spectralics, which is developing a process that can turn a car’s windshield into a huge screen.

The amount of the investment, made by Volvo through its subsidiary Volvo Cars Technical Fund, was not disclosed.

Spectralics, which is headquartered in Israel, has developed what it calls the Multilayer Slim Compound (MLTC). This is a film that can be applied to transparent surfaces, such as windshields.

MLTC film allows images to be projected onto surfaces, which could create a large head-up display for the driver as virtual objects are mounted to the actual view from the windshield, according to Volvo. This could create a more immersive version of the augmented reality head-up display that Mercedes-Benz launched with its 2021 S-Class sedan., 100% online, shop for your car, buy online, we bring it to you in Quebec!

Recharge the Volvo Concept

Other potential uses include filters for different applications, detecting activity in the passenger compartment, and displaying images from front cameras to reduce blind spots and holographic projections, again depending on the Volvo.

The manufacturer did not specify when this technology could be commercialized. There is no indication whether there are concrete plans to use it with production models. However, the investment could be the start of a long-term partnership, which will eventually equip Volvo Cars with MLTC technology.

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We can be for or against this idea, because seeing things in our field of vision at all times can be intrusive as well as a distraction. However, if everything is configurable and you can only use it when you feel the need, it can be fun.