September 16, 2021


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The Voice of the "Mysterious Warrior" on Sushima Director's Cut Coast

The Voice of the “Mysterious Warrior” on Sushima Director’s Cut Coast

The Eagle Tribe controls Egi Island in the Sushima Expansion.

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Reprint Sushima’s ghost, Your Director cut, We can travel to a new area in Jin Sakai’s shoes, allowing the warrior samurai to take us by air for his next adventure.

In a new region, new challenges and enemies arise, the case of Tribo da Agua, led by the relentless shaman, has the voice of an actress Gallego Police In its Portuguese version.

In conversation with Echo BoomerFamous theater, soap opera and TV actress, he admits that this is not the first time he has dubbed a game, but he feelsEmotionally, this is the first time”.

As an actress I was very excited about a lot of new things,”Says Custodia Galego about the construction and characters of the world. “At my age, it’s best to have jobs that surprise us.

This surprise is not accidental. Custodia Galego shares a link with video games through her family and colleagues, noting that at the beginning of Sukia’s recordings, she felt a great deal of interest in what Goshi of Sushima’s director’s cut had to offer: “In the first four or five words he said: The picture is so beautiful! What a beautiful setting! I was inspired by photography and drawing. I soon begin to imagine the heads of the people who created these worlds. This game is fascinating.

When the eagle refuses to be branded a “villain”, Custodia Galego simply “Mystery hero”, Its actions depend on the context of this new part of Sushima’s Ghost Story.

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To get to know the character and actress better, PlayStation Portugal released a small look behind the scenes of the recording to celebrate the release of Ghost of Sushima Directors Cut, where the actress also agreesIt’s an honor to give voice to a character in such an important PlayStation game and to give it emotionally participation and bring it to life.. ”

The story of Eagle and Jin Sakai can be found in more detail in the PlayStation 5 edition for the Ghost of Sushima Directors cut, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Read here.