November 27, 2021


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The Voice of Schlager - Silvio d'Anza Releases New Album Viva Amor CD Review

The Voice of Schlager – Silvio d’Anza Releases New Album Viva Amor CD Review

He is one of the few Schlager singers who learned to sing from scratch and mastered the dynamics of his unparalleled powerful voice. If every loud or sentimental tone suited perfectly, like his tailored suits, it could just be Silvio Danza. After his cover album “Meine Favoritenlieder” landed him at number one on the Amazon charts, “Viva Amor” proved that he also had quite a few stories to tell as a lyricist and composer. Silvio introduces 12 new titles on its new record – and they have it all.

The album opens with “Bleib bei mir” its German version of the legendary song “Stand by me” with a wonderful summer sound. Already with the first notes of the chorus it becomes immediately clear. This guy can sing! We’ve been waiting for such an artist at Schlager for a long time!
It continues with Pop/Schlager’s ’80s hit “We Dance All Night,” a true musical scoreboard. With musical support from songwriter Patrick Cronenberger, among others, Silvio Danza sings lines like:We dance all night, here you can be free, you can also be rich in love alone.It reveals a lot about his philosophy in life.

Of course, songs of unforgettable moments in life should not be missed. With the song “Musik ist wie du,” the charismatic singer delivers the perfect wedding video song. We immediately see in our minds beautiful slow motion images of a dream beach wedding and moments filled with happiness, rejoicing in the rhythms of modern electro-pop in Kygo style.

For the song “You are my number 1” he received the successful music producer Tommy Mustac, who together with Silvio Danza composed a very catchy tune that should not be missing in any successful concert.

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By the way, the album was released by MCP in collaboration with GRÜEZI Music.

conclusion: We are very happy with this amazing hit album by Silvio d’Anza. If you’re looking for a musically unique Schlager album with excellent audio recordings for a change, you’ve come to the right place! If anyone had deserved the nickname “Schlager’s Voice,” it would be Silvio Danza.