May 17, 2022


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The University Lecture Series begins in St. Pete on May 25

Technology defines our lives. What advantages and challenges does this bring? For the third time, the Lübeck University Lecture Series in St Petri is dedicated to the pressing issues of the time.

Lubeck.The robot figure is equipped with piano keys, artificial flowers, soap bubbles, computer parts, plaster and much more. Students at the Technical University (THL) in Lübeck have created the “Rob-Berta” lecture series at Lübeck universities. Symbolizes the theme: “Tech values ​​/ Technology values. How technology affects our lives.”

Says Reverend Dr. Bernd Schwarz (Saint Petrie), “It’s more about getting into a conversation with people.” Christian Herzog from the University of Lübeck adds that in this sense there should also be room for critical questions and debates. Based on the fact that technology increasingly defines large areas of life, the question of whether technical progress always means an improvement in the quality of life over three dates will be explored. And to what extent can this development help in solving global problems such as the climate crisis?

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