December 4, 2022


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The top 7 most widely used programming languages ​​in 2021

In July 2021, the TIOBE index celebrates its 20th anniversary. In July 2001 he first published a ranking of the most widely used programming languages. This ranking was dominated by Java 20 years ago, followed by C and C ++. Python was seventh then, far behind.

In fact, we see almost identical languages ​​in the top 7 places, even with the same ranking compared to last year. In 2020, despite a decline of 4.83%, C still ranks first. Then, we see Java (not to be confused with JavaScript) in second place, with a 3.93% higher drop.

This is a place where rankings can change very quickly. In fact, if Python retains its third place, usage of this language will increase by almost 2%. This is the biggest increase in the top 7.

Python is aimed at the top, PHP goes up, and the typescript is picked up

We will find C ++, C # and Visual Basic respectively, which are below C ++, followed by Python with an increase of 1.80%. In seventh place, JavaScript struggles to rise in the rankings with a 0.23% increase. As you can see, PHP used by giants like Facebook or WordPress does not appear in these top 7. For the simple reason that it ranks 8th. It is very firm for this popular language which is ranked 9th in 2020.

In the end, Python has improved in recent months and will soon be considered for the top spot in this rankings. Python is particularly prevalent in the scientific world, and there are many libraries dedicated to numerical computing. This language is considered a good entry point in the world of web development to fully understand the logic of programming.

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We can also notice an interesting change on the typewriter page, which goes from 45th to 37th. TypeScript is a strict syntax superset of JavaScript created by Microsoft. Its goal is to improve and protect the production of JavaScript code. Many developers who are comfortable with JavaScript are gradually moving to Typescript.