June 25, 2022


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The sectarian horror game disappeared again after 3 months without a trace

The sectarian horror game disappeared again after 3 months without a trace

In February 2022, Alice: Madness Returns returns to Steam to delight fans. But after a few months, the terrifying interpretation of the 1865 children’s book disappeared from the store.

Update from June 20, 2022:

Alice: Return of Madness disappears from Steam again

It was a short comeback for Alice: Madness Returns. Five years later, the game is back on Steam, only to go on sale again a few months later. The store page says: At the request of the publisher, Alice: Madness Returns is no longer for sale on Steam. (source: steam). This explains the sudden disappearance of the game only partially.

According to American McGee, creator of Alice games, the renewed sale ban may come with another game from the studio. (Hot horse games) Behind Alice: The Return of Madness. Looks like the studio has a problem with the game Akaneiro: Demon Hunters That seems to be serious enough All Spicy Horse Games have been withdrawn from sale.

And this circumstance does not really answer the question of why Alice has disappeared: the madness also returns. She is the publisher Electronic arts not hot horse games. So the fate of poor Alice remains a mystery.

Fortunately, there are other good horror games on Steam:

Original report from March 2, 2022:

Steam is back for the action-adventure Alice: Madness Returns

Now eleven years old Alice: Madness Returns It was banned from Steam in 2016. This was caused by an EA publisher verification issue, which apparently took five years to fix. The game can also be found on EA’s own platform, Origin. However, for a long time, there was no way for Steam users to get the game. By the way, this led to the fact that the Steam keys for Sometimes $100 It was purchased, as one fan wrote in a Steam review. (source: steam). However, there is nothing to read about regret, rather the opposite.

The game now costs €19.99 on Steam again. (source: steam). Alice: Madness Returns is also currently part of the game library for the EA Play subscription service. mix Action, Adventure, Hack’n’Slash, 3D-Platformer It gets largely positive reviews on Steam and many want a sequel. Developer American McGee is currently looking for support for one the third part His name is Alice: Asylum. (source: McGee’s American Blog).

More Alice in the works

At least one other medium will soon bring more to the gaming world. current Series on the first American game McGee Alice in production. Everything is produced by Radar Pictures, which has produced the new Jumanji films and The Last Samurai, among other things. American McGee’s Alice bears some resemblance to Disney’s family-friendly movie Alice in Wonderland. It’s more of a terrifying fairy tale depicting the nightmare psyche of a severely traumatized Alice.

You can find more about series adaptation in this article:

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