July 1, 2022


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The Road to Dokomi 2022 – Part 3: Activities about Host Club, Gaming & Cosplay

In the last two parts of our mini series of articles on Dokomi 2022, we dare you to take a look at the highlights, activities and events that await you at the Düsseldorf Trade Fair for Japan. In addition to games and dress-up games, the so-called host club should not be missing as a special treat. On the way to Dokomi Part 3, we explain what all this is all about and other activities you can look forward to.

Host Club “Sweet Spice”

Under the catchy name Sweet Spice, Dokomi is once again launching an exclusive host club this year, which is based on famous Japanese models. Visitors can look forward to a wide range of entertainment here: more than 40 different hosts entice their guests with casual conversations, performances and, of course, small delicacies. In addition to some delicacies, including some classic Japanese dishes, there is also a wide selection of cocktails (non-alcoholic) and soft drinks. A tentative list of already projected prices can be found at Official fan page on Facebook.

Whether it’s cold or hard, sweet or spicy – there’s something for every taste here!

Source: Dokomi.de

All about games

Since the beginning, DoKomi has not only stood for anime and manga, more and more gamers are roaming the halls every year and indulging in their digital hobby. Appropriately, in 2022, of course, there will be plenty of attractions and play stations waiting to be grabbed by fans. This occasionally culminates in large-scale eSport tournaments, which will take place in Dokomi again this year. In addition to a decent Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. is back. Ultimate to the action, while Pokémon trainers prefer to compete in the Sword and Shield versions.

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If you’re less interested in PvP, you might be interested in Speedrun Station in Germench. There are many quick runs of a variety of games, interviews with well-known runners and plenty of insights into the virtual sports background. And who knows, maybe one world record or another will be broken this weekend in June!

If this is still not enough for you, then just visit the amazing arcade game DoKomi. In the so-called Retro Wave Arcade there are countless arcade machines, console courts and computer stations where you can play the history of classic video games in a relaxed atmosphere. Among them are not only the songs of the 80s and 90s, such as Megaman and Super Mario World, but also modern classics such as Bloodstained finding their way to the screens.

Source: Dokomi.de

Hey, is it a carnival already?

Every year tens of thousands of cosplayers flock to the Düsseldorf Trade Fair and present their colorful and innovative designs to a large audience. So it is no wonder that a large part of the program is also designed for fans of cosplay and much is offered to fans of the fashion scene. For example, DoKomi 2022 is organizing an indoor cosplay competition for the first time, where selected participants can present their creations on the big stage.

Apart from the show, various get-togethers for cosplayers are also planned. As part of the cosplay tables, pre-selected talents can, for example, book a booth and become an exhibitor for a short period of time. The cosplay area makes it possible to meet and greet at short notice, exchange with like-minded people and sell one’s creations. Visitors can expect a colorful and, above all, changing set of costumes. You can find an overview of all participating cosplayers including the dates here.

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Last but not least, all the amateur photographers among you can of course look forward to some beautiful photo sites. Whether at the roaring ball pool or at the sci-fi-inspired Kurotoshiro Art Project – here every little shooter becomes. With the Neotokyo / Night City set, there’s also a big novelty this year: the wallpaper is based on the afterlife from Cyberpunk 2077 and conveys a lot of sci-fi magic. With the RPD24, there is also a picture corner with a Resident Evil reference at the beginning.

Curious to know what else can be discovered in Dokomi? Then look forward to the fourth and final part of our route to Dokomi, where we introduce you to Maid Café and other interactive stations. Until then, please take a look at the information about the trade fair or an overview of the exhibitors.