September 24, 2021


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The project tries to malware search on Google called Brave

For the vast majority of users, finding something on the Internet involves doing a Google search, even for basic things like accessing a well-known website. However, this procedure opens the door to potential scams and malware.

A new scam was recently discovered that tries to trick users into downloading into computers using the browser name “Brave”. Fraud starts when Google searches for the word “brave” that criminals use Google’s advertising system to deliver sites that promise to download the browser in the first place.

These sites have a design similar to real browser sites, and at first glance you may not notice any difference. However, the installers provided in them have built-in malware, which installs itself on computers, leading to data theft and other problems.

Portal Arstechnica It says that the program starts from the ignorance of users who may click on Google’s first decision thinking they are accessing the browser’s official website, but in return they access a third party site, which sends them to malicious content.

Brave fake site example

To make matters worse, fake sites have domains that can deceive even the most attentive users. One of the examples reported by users is the use of a domain similar to the official one (, the only difference being the pronunciation of the letter E. The site also has a valid SSL certificate which presents itself as a secure website in the browser.

The download provides an executable file modified with malicious software that can perform various malicious actions installed on the computer. The domain that was initially used for this project was removed by the project management company and by a warning from the brave and Google team, but users need to focus on the sites they have access to. “

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