December 4, 2022


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The player runs on Android Windows 11, COD, Tomb Rider and more, check it out!  - Mobile Gamer

The player runs on Android Windows 11, COD, Tomb Rider and more, check it out! – Mobile Gamer

A player posted on YouTube as a result of installing Windows 11 mode on an Android phone. Tomb Raider (2013), Call of Duty: Able to run PC games on smartphones such as Modern Warfare 2 and Cuphead. Details: Used the OnePlus 6D, a relatively old Android device. Take a look at how this achievement went.

Username edi194 has released a series of videos running various PC games on Android. First he played the 2013 Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider “Rotando” 20fps on any Android is not a 30fps

In the video description, AD 194 makes it clear that the game runs 100% on the OnePlus 6D CPU, in this case Snapdragon 845. In addition, the GPU is rarely used, so there is a lot of wasted energy. According to him, the touch was also directed.

Tomb Rider ran below 30fps, 20 to 30 with some glitches. The test was carried out with the device’s own resolution, which is 1080p. It will be interesting to see what happens if he lowers the resolution to 720p or 900p.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “runs” on Android below 20fps

Call of Duty Windows 11 Android Smartphone Game: Not as exciting as the modern Warfare 2 Tomb Raider. The game ran below 20fps and had a lot of glitches.

But as I said above, it is worth remembering that the GPU is not fully utilized, and almost all processing loads, according to AD 194, are done by the CPU. If the driver for this Windows 11 mod is better implemented, it will be able to run better in the very near future.

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The cuphead ran well

The cuphead is a 2D game that is a bit heavier on entry-level notebooks, but with Windows 11 it can reach 60fps on the OnePlus 6D.

GTA IV Rolling is not Android.

GTA IV is another game that ran relatively well.

AD 194 has released a table where you can find all the games that have been tested. Check She is here.

Results and other information

According to the Edi194, the touch screen worked, but apparently, this type of game does not have a touch interface. So he used a keyboard and mouse to play. According to him, Bluetooth and USB were enabled on the smartphone. Not working: WiFi, audio, sensors and cell network.

This Windows 11 mode is compatible with ARM processors and is made possible by a “magic title”, which makes the boot loader look like a Linux kernel.

To create the workspace you need to design the entire device and open and replace the boot loader. For now, the mod only works with devices with the Snapdragon 845, see GitHub of the project.

This project is relatively new and has a long way to go. Perhaps in the future, it will branch out as a Windows 11 prototype for Android, making it possible to run multiple PC games on mobile. But for now, this is very tempting.

“Ah, but today there are streaming and many more”… Chiu! All of this ran completely offline!

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