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Oppo A94 Avis

The perfect smartphone for less than 400 euros

According to the UFC-Q Choisir * study, the French spent an average of 326 euros in 2019 to buy their smartphone. The advent of 5G has slightly revised this figure, so the average budget is 300 to 400 euros by 2021.

Is it possible to buy a complete smartphone in this price range? The answer is yes. Manufacturers have made a real move in this price segment. OPPO A94 5G launched in April 2021, Fully embraces this notion of better technology-price ratio.

Because if the French are often not willing to pay more than 400 euros for a smartphone, they demand it. In their selection criteria, autonomy is seen as polar. Screen size and quality, power, photo quality and software interface indicate other important points when purchasing a smartphone.

With its A94 5G, OPPO meets these requirements, Which fits into the average budget of a French consumer. Point by point descriptions.


Autonomy is therefore the first criterion for choice among French consumers. The good news is, OPPO has always made a point of taking care of this feature, and it’s for all price levels.

The OPPO A94 5G therefore gets this knowledge. With its 4310 mAh battery, it can hold More than a day for intensive use And up to two days for moderate use.

For example, this is 16.7 hours of online video, 7.8 hours of gaming or 35.5 hours of streaming music. With such performance, the OPPO A94 ranks 5G One of the most durable smartphones in its segment.

Above all, it is joined VOOC 4.0 charging system This low voltage charging technology that delivers 30 W of power allows the smartphone to be fully recharged in just 65 minutes, all without too much heat. Who says better?

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So screen size and quality are positioned as the second criterion of choice for the consumer. So OPPO has taken care to integrate the most convenient panel for multimedia use.

Thanks to the upgrade of the size-to-screen ratio (90.8%) only, the OPPO A94 5G is small enough for one-handed use. The borders around it are very thin (2mm above, 1.6mm on the sides and 5.53mm on the bottom) and the cleverly positioned punch in the top left corner still saves space.

OPPO was thus able to equip with the A94 5G 6.43 inch screen in 20: 9 format. It is based on technology by any group AMOLED with full HD + definition. The choice of such a screen is a great deal, beautiful brightness and 16.7 million colors to use. Enough to make daily use much sweeter, but enjoy a multimedia experience with small onions.


Avis Oppo A94

© Oppo

OPPO Bank operates because power is at the center of buyer concerns puce Mediatek Dimension 800U 7 Nm engraved 2.4 GHz watch. It comes with a 5G modem and comes with a Mali G57MC3 graphics chip, 8GB of LPDTR4X RAM and 128GB of storage (expandable up to 256GB via microSD).

If technical data does not make sense to you, keep that in mind The OPPO A94 5G meets all user needs today. If it does not offer the same performance as the models sold for 1000 euros, it is powerful enough to do everything. Browsing the web, social networking, messaging, photo editing, video, nothing scares him.

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Players can also rotate hot licenses (Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Jenshin Impact) No problem.

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Photo tool

Contrary to popular belief, the photo quality of a smartphone is only the fourth criterion to choose from when buying. This does not preclude the use of the OPPO A94 5G as a complete photographic weapon. It has four times the volume:

  • A wide angle lens 26mm (f / 1.7): 48MPXL (1/2 ”; 0.8 photom photosynthesis) sensor; Electronic confirmation
  • An ultra wide angle lens 16mm (f / 2.2): 8MPXL (1/4 ”; 1.12 m photosynthesis) sensor; 119 ° field of view
  • A macro lens 21mm (f / 2.4): 2MPXL (1/5 ”; Photoshoot 1.75 m) sensor
  • Monochrome lens 24mm (f / 2.4): 2MPXL (1/5 ”; Photoshoot 1.75 m) sensor

After all, OPPO incorporates all of these products into the process Find X3 Pro, Son Smartphone Le Plus Premium. The OPPO A94 5G therefore gets night portrait mode, which, as its name implies, allows for better quality portraits to be shot in low light.

The Dynamic Bokeh This is one of the most impressive innovations. This allows you to apply a blur effect to a subject during video shooting.

The OPPO A94 5G can shoot from 30K to 4K. There are many such shooting modes HDR video, The Ultra Night Video, The AI video, The Focus on monitoring (Following the moving matter), TheAI beautification (Embellishes the object) or mode Double vision This allows you to shoot simultaneously with the rear camera and the front camera.

So the proliferation of sensors associated with software upgrades allows the OPPO A94 5G to prove itself Very versatile in both photo and video. Enough to stimulate the creativity of any user.

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Oppo A94

© Squeeze the lemon

The quality of a smartphone depends on the ergonomics of its software interface. OPPO understood this well and did a lot of work on its ColorOS overlay. Since his arrival in France, engineers have modified, adjusted, and optimized the interface. One of the best versions of Android to date.

The OPPO A94 5G gets the ColorOS 11.1 overlay from Android 11. Its great strength lies in its ease of use, which is related to a number of customization parameters. You can change the interface as you wish, from the shape of the icons to the navigation gestures like wallpapers and animations.

Allows you to adjust the ColorOS display, enable eye protection mode, or manage the audio while listening to music. Finally, OPPO confirms Exemplary monitoring of updates The best lifespan of its smartphones.

You understand that, The OPPO A94 5G is the perfect example of what we can expect from a smartphone today. Affordable, it meets all the criteria for choosing a French consumer.

Because all the points listed above are only a part of the strength of the smartphone. We do not specify less important criteria for consumers such as design or sound quality. The OPPO A94 5G is also two points more successful.

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* UFC Q Selection Selection