February 6, 2023


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The official Kirby’s Dream Land Wii Deluxe website has been opened. Added new “Sand” and “Festival” copy abilities. 100 Kirbys Fought a Great Decisive Battle “Setsuna no Mikiri Hyaku” | Famitsu.com for the latest information on gaming and entertainment

Scheduled for release February 24, 2023 (Friday)Kirby of the Stars Way Deluxe]The official website has been opened with various information.

On this official site, you can check out details such as the new copy ability “Sand”, the additional copy ability “Festival”, and the new game mode “Wai Wai Mahoroland”. In addition, Mahoroa provides this information on its official Twitter. In a tweet, he said, “From today, I will be giving information about the game to Mina. It’s real information, so don’t worry!”

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Possibility of new copies


The ability to freely manipulate the sand. You can make fists and castles out of sand to attack enemies.


Kirby Star AlliesNew addition of copy ability that appeared in[Youcandefeattheenemiesonthescreeninonegoandturnthemintoitems

New mode “Wai Wai Mahoro Land”

A theme park created by the manager, Mahoroa, where up to 4 people can enjoy 10 different attractions. By playing in this mode, you can get “souvenirs”, and you can also enjoy adventures such as “Narikiri Omen”, which has the face of King Dedede, Meta Knight, Cock Kawasaki and other famous characters from the series, and “Maxim”. Tomato”, which can restore your physical strength. Useful “Touvenir Items” are available.

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The attractions that can be played are as follows. Playing with friends and family is sure to be a blast.

  • Find it! Mahoroa Library
  • Gungan blaster
  • Setsuna no Mikiri
  • Ochiochi fight
  • Crowd launcher explosion
  • Blow! Shuriken dojo
  • Touch! Rapid Shoot Kirby
  • crush ride
  • gt punch
  • Tamago Kyacha

Also included is “Setsuna no Mikiri Hundred”, in which 100 Kirbys from around the world connect to the Internet and engage in a major decisive battle. Aim to be the strongest and fastest master of Iai!

has been added

* Pictures are taken from the official Twitter website and the official website