June 4, 2023


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The new Super Formula “SF23” appears in the Gran Turismo 7 – Car Watch update

New vehicles appear in the Gran Turismo 7 update

Sony Interactive Entertainment will update the PS5/PS4 “Gran Turismo 7” software on April 27, including the addition of new cars such as the new Super Formula series machine “SF23”, new races on the World Circuit, and the addition of Scapes. It will be delivered from 15:00.

In the update that will be distributed from April 27, “Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Toyota ’23”, “Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Honda ’23”, “Jaguar XJ220 ’92” and “Mercedes AMG GT3″ will be added as new registered models. 20” added.

In addition, a new race, “Super Formula”, has been added to the world circuit, and an additional cafe menu has been added. Added “North Yorkshire” and “Miyazaki” to the Scapes special feature.

Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Toyota ’23 / Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Honda ’23

The “Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Toyota ’23” and “Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Honda ’23” are premium vehicles developed with the goal of sustainable motorsport. In the spring of 2023, the new model “Dallara SF23 Super Formula” of the Super Formula series, the highest pinnacle of Japanese Formula racing, appears. The SF23 incorporates a lot of new technology based on the new project “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50 (SF Next Go)” aimed at “making motorsport sustainable” by Japan Race Promotion (JRP), which runs Super Formula.

Based on the SF19 chassis that has been in use since 2019, the SF23 maintains the same body stiffness and vehicle weight as traditional carbon materials, while reducing CO2 emissions in the raw materials and manufacturing process to about 75%. . The racing tires offered by Yokohama Rubber are also newly developed with an emphasis on sustainability. By using renewable raw materials such as naturally derived composite agents and recycled materials, we achieved the same performance as before while using sustainable materials for about 33% of the total raw materials. Equipping the Yokohama Carbon Neutral Racing Tires, we realized that the Carbon Neutral Machine was set up in Super Formula Next50.

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In addition, the aerodynamics were also revised for another theme, “SUPER FORMULA NEXT 50”, “Enhancing Recreation”. The SF23 was designed to allow the rider to show his strength in close range combat. Engines will continue to be provided by two manufacturers, Toyota and Honda.

“Jaguar XJ220 ’92”

“Jaguar XJ220 ’92” is a road-going Group C car with an elegant body. In 1988, the prototype of the super sports Jaguar showed at the Birmingham Show as the XJ220 was announced at the 1991 Tokyo Motor Show. The name XJ220 meant it achieved 220 mph (354 km/h), the highest production ratio at the time. Jaguar outsourced production of the XJ220 to Jaguar Sport, a joint venture with Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR). TWR is also a racing team that has been responsible for the development and racing management of Jaguar’s Group C cars.

The prototype had a naturally aspirated V12, but the XJ220 that showed up in Tokyo was replaced by the turbocharged 3.5-liter inline-six from the XJR11, which was active on the track as a Group C car. The chassis is an aluminum-carbon-Kevlar honeycomb composite structure, just like Like racing cars. The underside of the car’s body has a bottom plate that creates a ground effect, and mechanically the XJ220 was a Group C car. The interior, on the other hand, used the finest materials to create a luxury Jaguar.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 ’20

The ’20 Mercedes-AMG GT3 is a GT3 machine with many improvements and cost controls. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 has been developed based on the Mercedes-AMG GT, a new sports car announced at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. The GT3 racing car has a Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile homologation certificate and has been active on the scene. Motorsports around the world since 2016.

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The 2020 model, an updated version of the model announced in 2019, is focused on further reducing operating costs as a customer race car. By extending engine life and improving radiator protection through an improved front section, we responded to the needs of privateers who were concerned about the high cost of the GT3.

In addition, the aerodynamics were improved by installing a front splitter, front ailerons and a large rear spoiler and diffuser. Weight reduction is also pursued by adopting carbon fiber for many parts.

world arena

A new race, “Super Formula”, has been added to the global circuit.


Two new additional menus have been added to the café: “Extra Menu #20 Collection ‘Shelby’ (College Level 41 or higher) and ‘Extra Menu #21 Collection ‘Alpine’ (Collegiate Level 35 or higher).

Scapes feature added

Added “North Yorkshire” and “Miyazaki” to the Scapes feature.