October 24, 2021


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The new cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro come with a side

One of the best iPhone 13 Pro updates is in the rear camera module! It is more complex and therefore more efficient by relying on more powerful sensors and lenses.

However, despite all its capabilities … it can affect the thickness of the device and, therefore, support for some ‘extras’. After all, although the design is identical between gen12 and gen13. The truth is, the newer models are slightly thicker, 0.25mm thicker and lighter, and are calculated with a larger volume, and the lens has a little more output.

If you ever want to make the leap from the iPhone 12 Pro to the new iPhone 13 Pro you need to buy a new case. Also, depending on your skin type, you may have problems in the Mac Safe field as well.

The new cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro come with a side

Therefore, all new generation iPhone 13 models come with larger camera modules and sensor-shift optical image stabilization (Including mini and ‘normal’ models! A feature reserved for last year’s Pro Max model!)

However, there is a big difference even in Pro models! With significantly larger sensors, they should be somewhat taller and thicker and therefore have a more monotonous camera volume.

So, despite all this, the current iPhone 12 cases do not support the new mobile phones! Because the block needs a little bigger ‘crop’. Besides, sometimes, you may forget the support for Mac Safe Dio, the charger that charges both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

In other words, the iPhone 13 Pro is very similar to the 12 Pro, but they are not twins, only relatives.

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