September 26, 2023


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The Netherlands restricts chip technology trade with China

The Netherlands restricts chip technology trade with China

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Microchip manufacturing may soon become more difficult for China. © Matthias Bulk/Dr

The United States has put pressure on restricting technology exports. Now the Dutch government is joining the project – for security reasons.

The Hague – The Netherlands wants to limit the export of microchip machinery to China. Foreign Trade Minister Lesge Schrenemacher told parliament in The Hague on Wednesday night that the reason for this was “national security”.

Export restrictions affect ASML’s new DUV technology for semiconductor production. The company from Veldhoven in South Holland is the world’s only manufacturer of machines with DUV (Deep Ultra Violet) technology.

The regulation should come into force in the summer. Since then, ASML has to get approval before exporting these machines. The company pointed out that the planned restrictions only affect the latest technology. ASML does not anticipate any negative financial consequences, as stated on its website.

The United States in particular has urged the Netherlands to drastically reduce the export of chip technology to China. Other Western countries also fear that the country will use this technology for military purposes. The Dutch government had already restricted the export of semiconductor technology to China in 2020. Old machines may still be exported. dpa

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