May 30, 2024


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The most important component of a gaming device? | Hardwarelux

I misspelled RBG for gaming :shot:

All kidding aside, as a consumer, let's give you a personal and honest opinion about the “graphics card” of your flagship product (I saw there was RGB RAM, but I haven't noticed it in Europe yet):

I'd like to introduce two ideas that have been bothering me for a while, ever since the RTX3000s and low voltage etc:

Size is important to me with a graphics card. I don't like the box to spin like an airplane once some loads arrive.
I also like that I can adjust the fan curves to my personal needs (for example, Afterburner with RTSS).
What bothers me are BIOS versions on graphics cards where the minimum fan speed goes to 0%, for example, and then only starts back up at 30% or 40% and can then be controlled above that. I realize that there are certainly some effects with starting currents, inertia, etc., but I would like to reduce this lock-in on starting speed as much as is technically possible. 15%, 20% whatever.
Personally, I prefer to have minimal airflow on the graphics card rather than 0% fan speed.

The second is the refrigerant:
When it comes to CPU coolers, CPU coolers have a wide range of designs, sizes, and performance classes to choose from. We mechanics can pick something up or change coolants with little effort. When it comes to graphics cards, there have been attempts like Morpheus and Accelero from time to time, but with moderate success with air coolers.
One of the real highlights of this year's graphics cards are the 4090's quite oversized coolers.
These things are so large and so powerful that there is no longer a need (apart from appearance) to convert the cards to water or the need for a different air cooler. I'd also like to see more coolers in the mid-tier that aren't stitched as close to the edge but have more room for improvement.

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My colleagues at EVGA once owned it RTX 2060 building. The card has 3 slots, but with only one fan, so unfortunately it's not really good. But a 4070, with 2.5 to 3 slots, 2 fans and as short as possible, perhaps derived from the 244mm long μATX standard, would be an interesting oddity to me for many ITX and/or μATX designs or just an oddity like that Fractal 605 design node.

I'm currently using the Node 605 as a case, which is a desktop case that only works with powerful graphics cards due to Nvidia's blown design. The length of suitable graphics cards is very limited due to the HIFI design, but there will be room in the thickness of the graphics card cooler. Accordingly, I was generally very happy with the 3060ti, but I would like a little more bang for the buck from the 3060ti. Ne 4070 with a powerful short radiator would be good. :Christmas:

Thank you for reading if you made it this far. :bijok: