September 24, 2021


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The Metro Tread gets a new trailer featuring classic villains and weapons

The Metro Tread gets a new trailer featuring classic villains and weapons

Metroid fear And Samus is approaching Nintendo Switch. After one Teaser showing details of the new ZDR planetIn the new video of the game, Soso, a mechanical bird warrior, appears to be operating the well-known reptile cry and the protagonist’s weapons.

Watch the trailer:

As shown in the video, Samus will have difficulty confronting the armored bird. The alien race has been mentioned and described in previous games in this series Nintendo “Very intelligent and technologically advanced”. Moreover, this species fought for the peace of the universe, but it suddenly disappeared.

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Throughout the game, we see the classic Flash Shift, the Grapple Beam and the Storm and Storm Missiles fighting throughout the map. Apart from that, we also see a chain space alligator that can be the iconic cryptocurrency Metroid, Metro: Zero Mission e Super Metroid.

Metroid fear Developed by Mercury Steam Studio Samus Returns, And will hit the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

Source: Gamespot, Wikitroid

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