June 28, 2022


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Bild des Albumcovers von „Top“ von Der Mann

The Man – “The Top” (Review) – ByteFM

man – “top” (state law)


The modern man is not really easy. Every day he has to question his own privileges. Its potentially toxic presence. And it shouldn’t take up much space on the S-Bahn either! He has to tiptoe through the world, always careful not to step on anyone’s toes. It was never difficult for him to assert his dominance, which he won by chance in the Gene Lottery. He is really a pitiful character.

Isn’t there anyone who can really help the modern man? Yes man! What sounds like the title of a sleazy artist symposium is actually a giant state-run group about brand founder and de Touraine leader Maurice Smein, bassist Ramen Bejan, and equally busy musicians Michael Mulhouse (formerly of Kanté and Bloomfield, among others) and Johannes von Weizsäcker (The Chap). On their second album, Top, the band is back after an eight-year hiatus to explore the dense jungle of manhood in 2022.

Manobling has never looked so good!

“Here’s that guy again/Who can’t stand it,” he sings hum on “SUVs.” “We also wanted to say something about everything / But where do we start?” – So the attitude of human management is quite appropriate. Accordingly, the most masculine quality in The Man is that you have something to say about any topic. In “Wertungslied” Der Mann – as the album’s title “Top” and the golden hour adorning the cover indicate – illuminate the marketing psychology of high-performance capitalism. The role of a musician who criticizes the system but depends on funding is also included: “Sing a song against the state/You get paid by the state for it,” he says in ‘Rock’n’Roll’ Welfare State“.

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Fortunately, combined with all that postmodern text and self-referencing filtered through seventeen levels of sarcasm, Sumen and the like haven’t forgotten about recording a very interesting pop art album. At the top, there’s no musical pause, the band is in constant motion: the bare, post-punk-like heat of “Intro (Formular & Guitar)” transforms into the catchy pop of Rock’n’ Roll Luxury State. There’s something a bit more classic and urgent in Post-punk that abounds with songs like “Peyote Repeat” or “Eisprinzessin.” “Always the One Who Asks” and “Rating Song” conquers dub and reggae. In contrast to its title, “Country, Western, Coaching & Consulting” is a dream-heavy story. With such a varied voice, it’s a pleasure to explain Deer Man’s world to you. That alone is something special these days.

Release date: May 6, 2022
Label: state law

Image with text: ByteFM Friends Association

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