December 2, 2023


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SWR2 Magazine is a worth-read including the new book by Andrea Wolf - SWR2

The Magnificent Rebels and the Eternal Stenz – SWR2

Editor and curator: Anya Hofer
With new books by Andrea Wolf, Claudius Seidl, Christoph Ranzier and Caroline Ring

Today in Worth Reading Magazine it’s about the “Fantastic Rebel”. That is, about the poets of early romanticism, to whom Andrea Woolf devotes her new book.

It is also about the genius cult in Goethe’s Weimar. Carl August Böttiger accompanied him at the time as a kind of early gossip reporter: the German poet Olympus from a keyhole perspective! We present the audiobook.

Speaking of gossip reporters: Do you still remember Baby Schimmerlos from “Kir Royal”? FAZ journalist Claudius Seidl has now dedicated an easy-to-read biography to the creator of the fantastic TV series, Helmut Dietl, and we’re talking to him about it.

It’s also about creating a successful publishing company in difficult times: we present to you Trabanten Verlag.

Austrian author Christoph Ransmayer remembered his childhood songs and wrote wonderful poems and poems: “Unter den Zuckerhimmel” is the title of Anselm Kiefer’s wonderful watercolor volume.

Then it comes to birds, who are increasingly invading our cities as a new home: “Wanderers Between Worlds. What Birds Say in Cities” is the title of Caroline Ring’s remarkable book.

Claudius Seidel Helmut Dietl. The man in the white suit
Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag, 352 pages, €25
ISBN 978-3-462-05006-6
Conversation with Claudius Seidel

Trabanten Verlag – A success story in difficult times
Publisher’s photo by Peter B. Schumann

Christophe Ransmeier – Under a Sky of Sugar. stories and poems
S. Fischer Verlag, 208 pages, 58 €
ISBN 978-3-10-397502-4
Frank Hertwick Review

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Andrea Wolf – Wonderful Rebels. The Early Romantics and the Invention of the Ego
Translated from the English by Andreas Werthenson
C. Bertelsmann Verlag, 528 pages, €30
ISBN 978-3-570-10395-1
Ulrich Rüdenauer review

Carl August Botteger – Literary Circumstances and Contemporaries. Encounters and Conversations in Classical Weimar
Reading with Jürgen Hench, audiobook
Der Audioverlag, 1 mp3 CD, 2 hours 17 minutes, 15 euros
ISBN 978-3-7424-2541-6
Audio book advice from Anja Höfer

Caroline’s Ring – Wanderer Between Worlds. What do birds say in cities?
Piper Verlag, 288 pages, €24
ISBN 978-3-8270-1453-5
Sandra Hoffman review

Tom Howe – Quirky Underscores
Label: KPM Music
Konstantin Wicker Care Royal
Label: Bella Musica