May 30, 2024


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The latest SteamWorld series “SteamWorld Heist II” has been officially announced and will be released on August 8, 2024 « doope!  Local and international game information website

The latest SteamWorld series “SteamWorld Heist II” has been officially announced and will be released on August 8, 2024 « doope! Local and international game information website

In the outdoor “Indie World Showcase 4.17.2024” which just finished broadcasting, it was officially announced that the latest work in the SteamWorld series “SteamWorld Heist II” developed by Image & Form will be released on PlayStation on August 8, 2024. It was revealed that The game is scheduled to be released on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

“SteamWorld Heist II” is a new game in which you play as Captain Liwei and explore the vast ocean, with features such as turn-based combat that requires precise aiming, real-time naval battles, and crew customization with a large number of equipment. and items, and it features an announcement trailer that shows off some fun gameplay.

Steal SteamWorld II

A crisis is creeping upon this world floating amid calm waves…the name of the crisis is the “water crisis”! ? For some inexplicable reason, this precious resource has turned into “poison.” It began to corrode metal limbs and mechanical cores.

Play as Captain Leeway and lead a crew of Steambots as they uncover the secrets of Etai that threaten the mighty sea.


Aim accuracy is key in the heat of battle. Aim well, take advantage of the recoil, and shoot your enemies. Each move becomes a strategic breakthrough to achieve victory. You have to carefully evaluate the surrounding environment, and if the bullet bounces off that wall, you will be able to hit that enemy, well…

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As the captain, the fate of the crew is in your hands. Equip your crew with a variety of weapons, customize their abilities and equipment, and use the action system to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. From veterans to eager newcomers, crews need guidance. After all, you are facing the great and dangerous sea.

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Embark on a journey into the vast blue ocean, where adventure, mystery and danger roll among the waves… Challenge your crew to real-time naval battles as you attack enemy bases and steal precious gold and silver treasures. Once you've successfully completed a battle, you can take a short break in a lively tavern, where you can rest, upgrade items and your crew, and form new alliances with your fellow robots.

Game features

  • Master turn-based battles featuring Steambots, an exciting and free-to-play shooting system, and satisfying gameplay when things go well. When I fire a bullet, I calculate the perfect recoil angle, and when I succeed, I get an adrenaline rush!
  • Set out to explore the vast world and overcome the challenges of the mighty sea in real-time naval battles.
  • Customize your crew to suit your playstyle with a deep job system that's sure to appeal. More than 150 types of weapons, useful items, ship equipment, etc.
  • Enjoy the world as if it had come to life. Delicately drawn characters, worldly objects, and an enchanting soundtrack. The song was produced by our poet Steam Powered Giraffe, after the song “1”. Play while listening to amazing music and sound effects, and you will create unforgettable memories.
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