July 1, 2022


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The Japanese horror movie "Malice grudge" has been officially announced on Steam.  A world of Japanese puzzles where two-player co-op is possible - AUTOMATON

The Japanese horror movie “Malice grudge” has been officially announced on Steam. A world of Japanese puzzles where two-player co-op is possible – AUTOMATON

Game development company Nimbus Games announced on June 8 that the horror game “resentment of hateOfficially announced. The supported platform is PC (Steam). The release date is set for the third quarter of 2022.

“Malice Grudge” is a first-person horror game set in Japan. Co-operative play by two players is possible, and the game is said to be continued with full use of the player’s observational ability and logical thinking ability. The main character visits “Miriuku Temple” in Kamakura. The main character was fascinated by the beautiful temple, but suddenly the ground collapsed. Get lost in a strange place with an old temple.

The place where the hero gets lost is a strange place lit by lanterns. It’s dimly lit, so players rely on minimal lighting to dread exploring the dark. There are many mysterious elements in this space. Collect objects scattered around you, such as fan art and iron keys hidden under the shogi board, to get hints. Challenge to solve the puzzle.

Also characteristic of this work is that a puzzle solver that incorporates Japanese culture is being prepared, such as a mechanism for solving what appears to be a lock on a disk with Chinese characters inscribed on it. Ukiyo-e paintings are displayed in the room, and a large number of banknotes are pasted on them, creating an unusual atmosphere. In addition, a large number of candles is reflected and a figure surrounded by bills, it is expected that he will encounter an unworldly existence. There seems to be a chance of feeling or calling someone with a mystery, like a voice asking for help from somewhere.

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In addition to the first player, the trailer also shows another player walking around the map. We will work together to explore and collect hints to solve the puzzle.

This work has been developed by Malaysia-based Nimbus Games. Currently, he is developing works that can be considered multiple horror games, and seems to be producing works with names like “AWAKE”, “UMBRA”, “ALUMNI” and “ENTOMBED” in a comprehensive manner.

“Malice Grudge” for PC will be available on Steam in the third quarter of 2022. A beta version of this work has been distributed on itch.io, but is no longer available.