June 4, 2023


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The gaming site receives hate and threats

Unfortunately, hate, hate speech and threats on the internet are not common but rather the order of the day. with today Nintendo’s new hit game launched There is another game for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Sad example. While the new Zelda game has been very well received by the press and gamers so far, the gaming site clearly has one. Worse rating as average. That is why it is now being showered with hatred and threats.

Kingdom Tears is the best game of the year so far

in Metacritic Come Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Buy now €54.99 ) Currently on one Outstanding rating of 96 Thus, it takes first place in the best games of the year. The Nintendo Switch game also ranked second.

We agree with this praise in our review with a 9/10 rating. But not all critics are of the same opinion. Gfinity is giving away a new Zelda game 6 out of 10 and thus currently considered the worst rating on Metacritic.

The Bad Zelda rating is getting a lot of attention

With this site of england has a very prominent place Locked, because the obvious Notably worse rating. This is beneficial for the gaming site on the one hand, and this is the reason for the site among other things Accused purely Become.

Because about Facebook And Twitter posts From Gfinity With Zelda review, it soon becomes clear: The ranges many times over the usual range and also the engagement of the post i.e. comments and the like, Significantly.

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Does this really mean that Gfinity only gave the significantly worse rating for Attention and Reach, and thus rated Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom unfairly bad? No, because in Full review Of course, the gaming site justifies the rating in detail and in many ways (good) arguments.

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A hate and hate site for games

several Internet Rambus But that doesn’t seem to matter to them, and so hate, hate speech, and threats also unfortunately take up a lot of space in addition to accusing the account.

In the comment columns, for example, you can often read that Gfinity has all sorts of things because of the rating Overwhelmed by insults Become. Also condition that to resign often encountered.