May 26, 2022


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The day before: Release delayed – switch to UE5

The day before 2022 won’t come. There’s a shift to Unreal Engine 5. Source: Mytona / Fntastic

One of the most awaited games on Steam is called The Day Before. This is an open world open-world MMO that was supposed to release this year. But nothing will come of it now. The promising project of developer Fntastic and publisher Mytona has been postponed. And a long time until 2023.

The reason for this is the complete switch to the new Unreal Engine 5, as in the beginning mentioned exclusively. Meanwhile, the information in the article has been officially confirmed by those responsible for The Day Before. According to this, there will actually be a delay, the day before the new release was announced on March 1, 2023, so it is already on the day associated with it Steam . page included.

Wanted a million times Admit great responsibility

Speaking of the list, The Day Before is the most popular Steam wishlist game of all time. The hopes for survival and the MMO community in the project are almost gigantic, the game is on the wish lists of millions of people. Unfortunately, we now have to wait much longer than previously assumed. Instead of June 21, 2022, March 1, 2023 is now available the day before the release.

Fntastic and Mytona’s statement also states that they are aware of the great responsibility that now rests with those in charge. After all, one of the most anticipated games is currently being developed. With the move to Unreal Engine 5, which is said to be more advanced and better adapted to open worlds, gameplay in The Day Before will be even more amazing than it was previously possible.

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In the game you will find an unusual mix of genres that combine open world and MMO elements with survival, tactical combat, role-playing and some social aspects. The title was already impressive before the Unreal Engine 5 switch, especially visually. Check out the official GeForce RTX 4K gameplay reveal demo from the day before if you haven’t seen it already.

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This third-person survival MMO with its great visuals is powered by NVIDIA GeForce, which of course will also provide the game’s performance-boosting DLSS. Plus, there’s ray tracing reflections, ambient shutdowns, and global RTX lighting, and the result, especially in Unreal Engine 5, is exactly what it sounds like: not for weak hardware!

Even if we don’t know any system requirements at the moment, this should be obvious at first glance. However, if you have a powerful system on or under your desk, this game could be one of the next big games.

In terms of gameplay, as in many modern shooting games and online games, PvP and PvE blend into a colorful mixture where everyone can set their own focus. With the large arsenal of weapons that should be available to you in The Day Before, you can battle both injured players and others.

However, in order to get the equipment you need to survive in post-pandemic America, you have to search for abandoned cars, abandoned houses and abandoned skyscrapers to get valuable resources. But be careful: the fight for food, weapons, and even working vehicles is a relentless battle.

To rest, sell loot, or safely communicate with other players, you can visit the colonies of survivors trying to restore social order before their last remnants disappear.