December 4, 2022


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The Colini Affair at the Beginning - Grandfather in the Corner - Media

The Colini Affair at the Beginning – Grandfather in the Corner – Media

This review was first released when the movie was released on April 17, 2019. Now “The Collini Case” premieres on August 2nd at 8:15 PM, which is why the script has been republished.

A man enters a hotel room and kills another man. He does it deliberately and brutally. The victim is a wealthy industrialist named Hans Mayer (Manfred Zapatka), the perpetrator is Fabrizio Colini, a guest worker (Franco Nero). After the incident, Collini allows himself to be caught in the hallway, it’s crystal clear. Young lawyer Kaspar Lenin (Elias Mubarak) takes up the case as a public defender, and the prosecutor has mocked him.

Everything can be that simple. But then it turned out that everything is not at all easy, but rather complicated.

First, Collini doesn’t want to talk. on my own. Secondly, after taking over the case, Lenin found out that the victim was his adoptive father. He raised him like a son, as can be seen over and over in fond memories mixed with the sun.

It is clear that Elias Mubarak aims to change the image in this role

Flashbacks are always backlit, so you know it was a really good time back then. The linen-driven car is a gift from the victim, whose childhood sweetheart Joanna Meyer (Alexandra Maria Lara) was his granddaughter. Lenin briefly considers dismissing the case – but since he obviously likes emotional stress and the film will have no internal tension, he ignores all these circumstances and every item of prejudice and drowns in pleasure.

This not only means that he keeps the case, but also starts sleeping with Joanna Meyer, because court cases only get really exciting when the perpetrator’s lawyer deals with the victim’s granddaughter. This is not discussed further until Joanna notices that Lenin is actually planning to do his work. Then things get really difficult. Because oh no, the cute grandpa was a Nazi!

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It is clear that Elias Mubarak seeks in this role to change the image away from the popular joker. Unfortunately, he tries so hard to portray a deep thought that most of the time a little guilty confusion is written on his face, as if he had mistaken the lawyer by some stupid coincidence and failed to clear up the misunderstanding in time. Moretz Bleptro was similarly lost as Schirach’s alter ego through the television portrayal of “Should”. Without a mask, young Leonardo DiCaprio would be more convincing as the Bell of Notre Dame than these two lawyers.

One could simply assume that Marco Kreuzpaintner, or the bestselling author of the film, Ferdinand von Scherach, was stupid and ignorant, but it is likely that they consciously accepted the stark irrationality of the core group in order to achieve some purpose.

This movie is a family constellation turned cinema. Family Constellation aims to be representative of all German families. You need a very likable and really grumpy grandfather who was in the SS – please in the corner over there. The granddaughter who refuses to confess – please put it there, thank you. The main character who stands between the fronts and is beaten from all sides – sorry Elias. Uncle is not angry per se, but is guilty of covering up the crimes – hello Heiner Lauterbach! over there! And last but not least, justice embodied here or at least conjured up by Collini himself. Not to be misunderstood, this family group was organized quite aggressively. Kitsch of solid German thriller. But given the importance of the topic – the actual gist is the “EGOWiG Introductory Act” which, according to the movie, allowed many Nazi-era killers to escape without trial – simply isn’t enough.

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cholinergic case, ARD, 8:15 p.m.