December 2, 2023


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The biggest stories from the station’s opening day

The biggest stories from the station’s opening day

New KCI: The biggest stories from the opening day of Kansas City’s new single terminal airport

The new terminal is the largest single infrastructure project in the city’s history

all the way. All right, Nick, thank you. Well, last night the final ride took off from the now old KCI. correct. KMBC9 JAMIE WEISS was on board. She is now in Chicago preparing to fly to the new station. Jimmy, we’re listening to the passengers behind you. It must be pumped. Oh, my God. paint. Without a. What a difference 30 minutes. When we got here for the 30 start of the show, you had none of that imagination. We only had a few tired people. This is not the case now. We are filled with so much excitement. Christie joins me. How are you feeling now? I am so excited to get on this plane. I’ll tell you that much. And you didn’t sleep at all? No, I didn’t sleep at all. We went to the old town house. We had a couple of drinks, and now we’re here and ready to get on this plane and be the first in MCI. And as we look behind you, we see that the plane is here. South West pulled out red carpets for literally everyone as they got on board. And let me just ask you, you haven’t had a chance to see the station yet. What are you looking forward to seeing more? I guess I’m looking forward to better food and drink selections once we get through security. I look forward to all arts. I’m looking forward to a new station. We’re really excited to see what this new MCI is all about. We are very excited to see it. In fact, we want to go further, and figure things out for Martin Augustin, who is currently living in the new station. Good morning, Martin. Well, here on the Tarmac in Kitchie, there’s a Missouri, one that’s the name of the plane, and that’s the first plane out of Kansas City. The new stop is here in Kitchi. And so we get this great access here to watch it last before it goes off the flight path because of its relatively short flight of about an hour to Chicago. This plane is full of people cheering, clapping, screaming, and identifying with that plane, knowing that that was going to be a huge piece of fun for them and a huge piece of history that they take part in. One of the passengers on that flight is a fellow named Rick Boyd, the kind who bought that ticket at a park. He’s got a bit of business to do, but he’s often out there with his wife to grab some lunch in Chicago, catch another flight later here, and then go to the Q game tonight. So it’s been a big day for Rick Boyd as we watch Missouri One aka Southwest Airlines fly the 904, taxi down the freeway, and it’s almost ready to roll out of here into the dark skies. We’ll send it to you guys. I love that car. The plane is far away. They already took a picture on Twitter. You can see the full flag. All of his tweets are like this. As you know, food and shopping options are some of the most anticipated parts of the new issue. Here’s a look at the city’s market district within District B designed with local flavors in mind so visitors can get a feel for everything Kansas City has to offer. It’s very unique. We actually have over 80% of all our local tenants and even those who run the national brands are local operators. See a list of all CASEY local restaurants and businesses. I go to CASEY AECOM and click on the SHOPS & DINING tab. Well, with a full day of flights drawing to a close, the passengers are making their way to the new terminal. Still KMBC9. Rob Higgs lives there this morning as they prepare to take their first flight out of the new airport. Rob, good morning again to you. The ATMOS Gallery only looks electric. Where are you. Oh, absolutely. DON AND CODY, good morning to you. IF YOU LOOK BEHIND HERE AT THE NEW CASEY STATION, IT IS BUSY. We’re here near the U.S. office and also Delta down there. And take a look at this place. Clearly, it’s new, it’s big, and it’s beautiful. You got this amazing artwork. I wanted to show you, hanging from the ceilings, to carry you the next time you fly out of the new CASEY Air Force Station. And we want to talk to passengers what they think about this. So I got one here. so how are you? Tell me your name and what do you think of all this? I’m Karen, and I really, really love it. It’s a room. I mean, there. It is more spacious. I think it’s great for your show, right? So when it’s the first time when I first came in, I mean, that’s our first time here, too. I mean, what was the first impression that came here of this new impression? I just felt it helps travelers. I mean, you have the room. It really is a great room. yeah awesome. What would you most like to thank you for talking to us. We really appreciate that. And we’re looking at well, we’re looking down here as well. And you see the ticket line on the southwest down there and very, very busy. But yeah, it’s easy to navigate. It wasn’t hard to get here. Parking is awesome. It will definitely be a great experience for you next time you are traveling outside of Kansas City, wherever you are. We live in t

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New KCI: The biggest stories from the opening day of Kansas City’s new single terminal airport

The new terminal is the largest single infrastructure project in the city’s history

The new terminal at Kansas City Airport has officially opened for business. The new terminal, with an area of ​​just over 1 million square feet and a budget of $1.5 billion, is the largest single infrastructure project in the city’s history.

The single stop features a new look, 50 restaurants and businesses, most of which are located in Kansas City, and a comprehensive, accessible playground for kids.

It has 40 gates, with the ability to expand to 50 in the future. The new station also includes a car parking building with a capacity of 6,200 spaces.

The new single station replaces the old single stations which opened in November 1972.


People like what they see

The new airport attracts great reviews from travelers on its opening day.

Some didn’t even realize they were leaving a new airport on Tuesday.


The first person on the last flight

Gary Morsch of Olathe, Kansas was the first person to board the last flight in the old KCI.

He is very excited about the new place.

“I’ve been traveling to and from this airport hundreds and hundreds of times over the years,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for a new airport for a long time. I’ll be the first to leave. I’ll say good luck to this old place.”


The new KCI includes more than 50 restaurants and stores, most of which are local

There are more than 50 restaurants and stores in the new KCI, most of which should be familiar to many Kansas residents.

“You know, we intended to make sure that we included local businesses so the world could see what Kansas City really has to offer,” said Lavell Holloway, of Vantage Airport. “It’s very unique. We already have more than 80% of all our tenants, both local, and even those who run the national brands are local operators.”


First plane arrives at KCI Airport’s new terminal for water salute

The Southwest flight from Chicago was the first flight ever to land in KCI’s new terminal. I was warmly welcomed


A woman-owned architecture firm responsible for many of the designs on the new building

DRAW, a women-owned architecture and design firm, began work on the new terminal in 2017, but for one of the firm’s leaders, the ideas for the terminal began decades ago.


The new KCI includes the world’s first comprehensive accessible play area

Even before the first flight departs, the feature of the new Kansas City International Airport is making history around the world.

Kansas City is home to the world’s first accessible comprehensive play area inside an airport.

Dozens of families had the opportunity to see her for the first time on Monday.


The ribbon cutting has a special guest, Pete Buttigieg

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited Kansas City on Monday to tour the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport.

While in town, Buttigieg also participated in a ribbon cutting at the new station with Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, and Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas.


A former employee of the airport reflected in the 1972 move from the Downtown Airport to the current KCI Airport

It was November 11, 1972, when the first flight touched down at the current KCI station. Before that, travelers flew in from downtown.

Jim Watt was there 50 years ago when these horseshoe stations first opened. He worked as a mechanic for Trans World Airlines.


The new KCI airport terminal has been a boon to many minority owned businesses

Which local company was able to benefit from the construction of the new KCI station worth $ 1.5 billion.

The city made sure that minority businesses were able to participate in this project as well.


New terminal security

The new Kansas City International Airport terminal features a reconfigured security line. Instead of multiple security checkpoints at a few gates at multiple terminals, passengers pass through a single security area with up to sixteen scanning lines if required.


New hope for the transatlantic voyage?

While the new KCI station has expanded in amenities, Kansas City is one of the largest American markets without a non-stop transatlantic flight.