September 30, 2023


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The Bergische Fledermaus in 3 works and 33 photos

The Bergische Fledermaus in 3 works and 33 photos

The production of the operetta “Die Fledermaus” at Bergisches Löwen offers great music – but also the promised “Carnival of the Eyes”. As a reminder to everyone who was in the theater and as an incentive to quickly buy tickets, Thomas Merkenich shows a few moments from the three lifts.

The full review of the play by Holger Kramp can be found here.

Scenes from the first chapter

Scenes from the second chapter

Scenes from the third chapter


The operetta in three works by Johann Strauss
From May 26 to 29, 2022, at 6 pm every day, break twice
Citizens House Bergischer Lowe
Remaining tickets at the theater box office (28.70 to 45.20 euros)

Music Direction: Roman Salyutov
Choir Leader: Tania Hessen
Choreography: Yvonne Fox
Accompanying: Norbert Proshagen
Stage design: Gisela Werner, Philip Hennecke
Costume: Renate Limenkohler
Assistant: Brigitte Bruns, Hyde Hessen

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With its acclaimed premiere, the opera of bats flutters in the Bergisch night sky on Thursday night. The team, led by Tanya Hessen (director) and Roman Salyutov (leader of the orchestra), presented a colorful, high-quality musical production at the almost completely sold out Bergisches Löwen. There are three other offers.


Gabriel von Eisenstein, Reindeer: Michael Sablotny
Rosalind, wife: Madeleine Keane
Frank, director of the prison: Andreas Drescher
Prince Orlovsky: Karla Petnarova
Frog: Thomas Cooper
Alfred, singing teacher: Marco Antonio Rivera
Dr. Falk, Notary: Andreas Elias Post / Lars Konrad
Dr. is blind, lawyer: Lars Konrad / Andreas Elias Post
Adele, Rosalinde’s maid: Ronja Weyhenmeyer
Ida, sister of Adele: The Silk of Wisdom

He is a citizen portal photographer. He now lives “in the beautiful Kürten” and loves the land of Bergisches. But you can see that in his pictures. More information on his website, more pictures in the photo shop: https://www.pictrs. com / thomasmerkenich-fotografie More from Thomas Merkenich