September 24, 2021


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Windows 11 Android Microsoft loja apps

The Android subsystem is found in the Microsoft Store and comes with Windows 11

Microsoft plans to make Windows 11 more integrated with other brands’ plans. As it was seen in the presentation of this new feature, the announcement of Android processors can run on its own.

This innovation has generated a lot of interest because it will free the users from the huge dependency on the smartphone. I knew it was coming, but for now everything seems clear. It was finally found in the Microsoft Store, which opens up great opportunities.

It is known that Microsoft is preparing for the arrival of Windows 11 very soon. The system will be released in its final version on October 5th and will be accessible to all users with the equipment finally supported.

Unfortunately some elements in this release are also known to be missing and are scheduled to come later. We are talking about the possibility of running Android processors without relying on any other device or additional system.

The way to achieve this is by creating an Android subsystem similar to Linux in Microsoft Windows 10. It already seems to be at a major stage of development Now detected In the Microsoft App Store.

Any Windows 11 user can access and install it through the Microsoft App Store. Unfortunately, this cannot be used in a normal way because it does not show any information to the user when opened, has a smooth screen and no notification.

Windows 11 Android Microsoft Apps Store

The good news for this new system is that it has an Android subsystem in the Microsoft Store. This reveals that this innovation coming next year has already been developed and will soon be used in trial versions of Windows 11.

With this news, Microsoft is betting on Windows 11 on a large scale and with big plans for its future. After Linux, Android's system and its applications will come and can be used freely without relying on any smartphone.

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