September 28, 2022


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Thanks to digital measuring sensors, the renovated running track in Peiting is one of the most modern in Bavaria.

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Ready to start on the new track: (from left) Peter Ostenrieder, Günther Noywater, Andreas Noywater and Franz Ressler. © Hans Helmut Herold

TSV Peiting’s track and field athletes will be able to train under professional conditions in the future: after a general renovation, their track has been equipped with digital sensors and is thus one of the most modern in Bavaria.

Peiting – red-hot, high-tech: Here’s what happened, the renewed running track at Peitinger Sports Ground. It is now one of Bavaria’s newest railways, and similar lines next to Peiting can only be found at the University of Augsburg and the Technical University of Munich. “We’re in good company there,” said Mayor Peter Ostenrieder, who symbolically handed the key to the profession to officials at TSV Beating on Monday. TSV hopes the modern track will attract young people and get them excited about athletics. “Perhaps we can then build on the successes of the past few years,” hopes Franz Ressler, head of athletics at TSV.

Katharina Brooker demonstrated how the motion sensor works for the Neureuther athlete.
Katharina Brooker demonstrated how the motion sensor works for the Neureuther athlete. © Hans Helmut Herold

The railway was built in 1981 and after an initial renovation in 1997, it was time to return the facility to a contemporary and futuristic condition. The work was carried out by the Bavarian company “Polytan”, which has been one of the leading specialists in sports surfaces for decades. Together with the adjacent hard court, the renovation cost the municipality of Peiting about €400,000. “Fortunately, the Free State of Bavaria covered 90 percent of the costs as part of the funding programme,” says Ostenrieder.

The bright track is not only visually attractive, but above all enables track and field players to train at an absolute professional level. With the help of magnets installed under the track, athletes will be able to document their performance in detail in the future. All they need is a special sensor that is placed in a belt around the waist. Each time a player passes one of the built-in magnetic barriers, the sensor records the elapsed time. In addition, other relevant data such as average speed or number of steps are recorded.

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Training data can be evaluated on a smartphone

When the training is over, the sensor is connected to a PC or laptop and the athlete can view his recorded performance. If that takes too long, you can instead download the so-called “Smart Run App” to your smartphone. Here results are visible even while running. By the way, everything is possible for everyone, and not only for athletes.

Katharina Brooker from software developer “Humotion” came to Peiting to explain how to properly use the new technology. In a training session, everything was explained in detail to athletes interested in track and field and middle school sports teachers. After all this theory, people naturally wanted Peiting to test it. Athlete Andreas Neuerther was responsible for this. He took a test and was convinced of the new method of training. Even initially critical observers were clearly impressed with the new technology.

Because whether it’s a 400-meter run or a training jump, today’s athlete does it all using motion sensors. Track and field athletes Neureuther and Peitinger now belong to those too. Conditions were created to fulfill Reßler’s wish and to establish Peiting as a new location for track and field athletes.

By Andreas Geiger

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