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test |  Witchstone

test | Witchstone –

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Every 100 years, magicians and wizards gather to replenish the energy field of the legendary WITCHSTONE with magical formulas and rituals, thus enhancing their magical power. Whoever demonstrates the greatest skill in the procedure is assigned a master’s degree at Hickenstein.

Information about the game

HUCH Kindly make WITCHSTONE available for us to review.
This does not affect our rating!

Arkan Ritten

To prepare for the game, all wizards and wizards take their playing board, screen, and game components of your color and place the big witch in one of the 4 spaces of the towers on the central game board.


The latter shows WITCHSTONE (Hexenstein) in the center and several islands, which are connected by solid lines of 1-3 divisions each.

Witches and wizards take turns placing one of the double hex tiles, which is always revealed, behind the screen on their playing board. This triggers the two actions shown. The strength and frequency of each action depends on the number of identical symbols linked in an unbroken chain.

Laying the tiles becomes more difficult due to the lying crystals occupying the central fields. However, they can be triggered by the crystal actions triggered, and if a crystal is pushed to one of the puzzle area exits, the action shown at the exit may be performed as a reward.

There are also 5 other types of actions that are triggered by the double hex tiles. Energy work permits energy marking of inter-island link sections. When the connection is complete, this is rewarded with victory points and the island, now connected to your own network, can now be accessed. The more power tokens connected directly to the tile, the more power tokens can be placed.



Witches tokens allow either a new Wizard’s Map to be placed next to your own sign or an already-available Map can be moved as many as you want to an island connected via your own network. There are two victory points for this, and if this is your first visit to the island, you will get a reward given by a tile placed during game setup. It is also possible to use a opposing network, but this costs one magician action for each opposing connection between two islands.

The pentagon action moves your maple clockwise, which means you can take victory point or special hex tiles in some spaces. The latter can either be used immediately to perform one of the two standard actions printed on it. Alternatively, these hex tiles can be placed in the puzzle area of ​​your board, meaning longer chains of the same symbols and therefore more powerful actions are now possible.

A card can be taken from the corresponding screen by performing a swipe. These provide support through reinforcement spells, which can be used, for example, to perform additional standard actions once, or prophecies, if the requirements are met, to earn victory points at the end of the game, for example by occupying certain islands.


The last action can be presented using the magic wand on the corresponding bar. For this there are additional actions and victory points through intermediate registration. Some spaces give the person who gets to the space first an added advantage.

There are 15 double-hexagon tiles, 5 of which are always raised. The game ends when each person has only 4 rounds left, i.e. after 11 rounds. The tiles for the combined victory points and the fulfilled prophecies are finally scored and the person with the most victory points wins.

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Looking at the crystal ball

The game material is nice looking and of high quality. Above all, the charming and charming stand out favorably. Game board, player boards, and other materials are typically rated in the included liner. There is room for this in a sturdy cardboard box, which does not show ads on the sides, but is printed with atmospheric illustrations.


A first look at the instructions is a deterrent. The brochure has 40 proud pages, but don’t worry, the brochure contains German, English and French instructions. So about 13 pages of text are relevant, which is perfectly fine for the connoisseurs, and it’s very clearly organized and shows many examples. If someone already knows the rules, they can be explained in 10 minutes.

A help game is also included. The game material is language neutral.

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