September 24, 2021


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In ROCK THE BOCK, Buck rocks, specifically the roebuck. Any Roebuck can stop the wolf from killing the deer. Did you manage to protect your hops (temporary roe community)?

Information about the game

MOSES VERLAG has made ROCK DEN BOCK available for us to review.
This does not affect our rating!

Roebuck, doe or wolf?

ROCK THE BOCK – Animal dice game played over three rounds with the aim of getting the most points at the end. The tour goes as follows:


  1. Take the dice: The person whose turn comes to take a certain number of dice. At the beginning of each round there are 10 dice. This number is reduced accordingly, the number of dice previously used by the player (see 3rd dice).
  2. Roll the dice and choose the outcome: First the dice are rolled. Then you must choose the background color. All cubes of one type must always be selected and entered. Dollars are entered into their own block. Goats are encouraged with the player with the corresponding color and wolves for a fellow player.
  3. Mark the dice: After entering the result, the number of dice used is indicated in the right column. This reduces the number of dice available for your next turn.


The game is played until no more dice is available to anyone; This can be a different number of moves for other players. If the number of bucks at the end of the round is more than the number of wolves in your block, each goat is worth a plus point. However, if more dollars are put in wolves, there are minus points. If there’s a parity between dollars and wolves, it’s a zero-sum round. The winner is the person with the most points after three rounds.

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game material

The toy box with a side opening instead of a lid is easy to transport and made of sturdy cardboard. For this purpose, game materials are sorted and stored using a simple cardboard divider. The dice, the block, and the symbols on it are both lowercase. As a result, this can be very difficult to recognize if other players are in poor lighting or a large table.

102- Masoud

The rules are short, understandable and illustrated with good examples.

Tags: 2-4 people, 15 minutes, roll and write, dice