October 24, 2021


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Test // Drunk, jammed, or stupid

Test // Drunk, jammed, or stupid

Submitted by Elliot Kovanda, dated .

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Who will stop the police from slow driving? Who is allergic to everything? Who smells of beer? Drunk, jammed, or dumb, it’s always the others! In the next test, we check if DRUNK, STONED or STUPID lives up to its promise and is really “Guaranteed Fun” and what else does the party game offer.

Information about the game

ASMODEE Make it drunk, quarry or stupid available for us to review.
This does not affect our rating!

Rules? simple thing!

There are rules to get drunk, stoned or stupid, but let’s be honest… who’s ever played games like cards against humanity or what do you remember at a party or at home with friends? Play knows that the journey is the goal. The rules quickly become a secondary matter and players decide for themselves how to have the most fun with 250 playing cards. However, for the sake of completeness, we will get into the official rules of the test.

102- Masoud

One person reads a card, for example, “Tell the same stupid story a hundred times.” In turn, others explain which boyfriend or girlfriend fits into the statement on the card. However, in the end, the person reading the card decides to whom the statement on the card applies. You are free to ignore the previous discussion in whole or in part. Whoever is dealt seven cards first loses. But it can simply be played until the drinks are emptied or the group squabbles in a heated debate about who is most likely to fill a bottle of cheap vodka in an expensive bottle in order to impress their friends.

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So the tour continues all the time until everyone runs out of disagreements. Drunk, crammed, or dumb he thrives on lively discussions, in which he prefers sharing awkward moments with the group.


In addition to this standard mode, the authors have developed another variant. In this, the finger is no longer pointed at others. Instead, everyone should explain why of all people they always “forget” their wallet when they go out to eat with friends.

Strong and compact

The sturdy and compact box holds 250 cards. The entire design is simple yet clear. The instructions are short and good.

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