October 21, 2021


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Test // can bend

Test // can bend

Written by Nils Friedrich Heinemann on .

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KANNSTE KICKEN is a ‘Roll & Write’ game that says it all. The Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and Ralph Querfurth is published by Schmidt-Spiele-Verlag and is allowed to roll, cross and twist.

Information about the game

SCHMIDT SPIELE has made KANNSTE KNICKEN available for review.
This does not affect our rating!

You can bend over – immediately or later

With KANNSTE KICKEN the goal is to be the first to: r Connect the five target symbols to each other by placing crosses on your piece of paper, round by round. The dice determines the number of crosses that can be placed in a row. These are rolled by the active person. You choose one of the two cubes (black or white) and mark the appropriate number of boxes. Then the other players are allowed to roll the crosses according to the specifications of the other dice. When marking it, it should start with a square adjacent to a start and end point (intersection with a circle) and continue in a straight line. The last square forms a new starting and ending point, which can be used multiple times. If two numbers are rolled on the dice, then two rows can be entered independently of each other.

You can bend 102

However, in order for the five target tokens to be connected to each other, four of these target tokens must first be visible and therefore available. These are located on the back of the paper clip and become part of your game board only when the corners are curved. There are two options: small and large grille. For the small fold, the smileys at the outer corner should be bypassed and for the large fold, all the smileys should be at the same angle. The timing of the twist is up to the players, so it doesn’t have to happen right away. In addition, the large grid brings one of four bonuses, which either increase the number of points on the dice or allow the idle player to choose the white or black dice, even if they are already used by the active player.

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The game has four different levels with increasing difficulty:

  • Level 1 is the basic game without additional rules.
  • Level 2 has holes in the ice that cannot be entered or jumped over, and where no steps are allowed to expire. In addition, there are ice rinks. They can be ignored by “walking carefully” or you can “slide” on them. As a result, the movement, regardless of its number, automatically stops behind the ice surface with a start and end point.
  • Level 3 also contains two special fields. On the one hand, there are star fields that allow you to change the direction of the row of intersections when you first step on it. On the other hand, there are beam fields, when entering the row of crosses in another beam field continues in any direction. These ray fields can be used as often as you like, they are marked as start points and start point and ray fields are only one step count when sending.
  • Level 4 has no bonus fields. The specialty here is that after the first bend, one bulb per turn becomes visible. These four LEDs need to be timed to turn the current. Then the smileys should be marked again to fold the opposite corner with “blunt” crease. This will bring up the five target icons on one side and they can be linked together to finish the game.

You can bend 104

In addition to the multiplayer mode, there is also a single mode in which the cube is selected (black, white, or both). There are six different requirements and a classification with crowns according to the movements required.

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game material

The game material is of normal high quality as in similar “Roll & Write” games from Schmidt-Spiele-Verlag from the “Klein & Fein” series. There are four pens included, the wooden blocks are a good size and feel, and everything can be sorted in the toy box.


The rules are described briefly and clearly in the Instructions for Use. In addition, the examples support understanding the grammar.

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