November 30, 2021


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test |  Al-Khoora - Rise of an Empire

test | Al-Khoora – Rise of an Empire

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Ancient Greece revolves around prosperous cities and ambitious generals on the path of expansion. The fate of your city is entirely in your hands. Will you rely on your strengths or will you take a completely different path to victory? in a khura – The rise of an empire that you will discover.

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in a khura Players take command of their own big city in ancient Greece. It is played over nine rounds, in which a random event is always conducted and all participants choose and solve two to three action squares. As in the topic, the state of victory is well known: victory points are scored on the surrounding Kramer track and those with the most victory points win.

Players can expect a typical European game with little interaction. At the beginning of the game with two and then with up to three dice, you roll the dice. Then everyone chooses their working tiles face down for this round. Each of these tiles enables a specific action, which usually affects development paths on your own board or on the public game board. All actions are numbered and are handled in that order by everyone. Success can also be claimed when certain thresholds are reached.


As you advance in your development bars, rewards are unlocked. This is how it can be obtained from the third procedure. Work tiles are paired with dice. If the number on the die is equal to or greater than the number on the action panel, nothing happens. If it is less, the dispute with the citizens must be settled or this procedure must be dispensed with.

In addition to action boxes, policy cards form the mechanical core of khura. It entices enormous advantages that are either immediate and unique or bring powerful permanent advantages that also affect victory points. Playing these cards requires a specific piece of work and possession of certain knowledge squares. Through campaigns or other effects, players receive these knowledge boxes as normal or as high. Both are equivalent in the game, but at the end of the game only the number of high knowledge squares is hit by the location on the path of fame and can guarantee a good rain of points.

Khora 191

Pillars of the Acropolis

The foundation of any city should be solid. content from khura is no exception. The wood material is beautifully designed in attractive, unusual colors and partially printed. Player game boards are double-layered, and the general game board is not. Cardboard parts such as coins, action tiles, and knowledge are glued well and not damaged. Everything is sorted into an inner box and secured in place. The Game Utility for the tour route is printed directly onto the game boards.

The English manual reads well and explains all the facts conclusively. In addition to the obligatory examples, many images dilute the text. Questions should not be asked after the first few moves at the latest.

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