January 25, 2022


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Tesla exploits human weakness in the face of technology

In early December, the car manufacturer updated its cars’ internal software and offered the ability to play video games while driving. Threatened by an investigation by US authorities, Tesla has since backed down, but this case shows how helpless we are in the face of this “Irresistible Dessert” Technology, as the Swiss columnist notes.

Tesla wasted no time. The US factory only took 24 hours to respond after the announcement [mercredi 22 décembre] The investigation opened by the US Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA).

Its motive appears futile, as authorities were interested in Tesla’s ability to play video games on the car’s center screen while it was driving. But above all else, this case shows how vulnerable we are in the face of technology.

NHTSA has opened its investigation [concernant 580 000 véhicules vendus depuis 2017 selon Reuters] Immediately after updating Tesla’s internal software, allowing passengers and driver to play three games while the car is in motion. Before early December, the use of the huge central screen for games


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