January 25, 2022


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Telegram novidades smartphones Android

Telegram has messages, now everyone can test it on smartphones

In a better year, with more users, the service is improving with telegram messages. These will not stop growing and now new projects will appear and everyone can try and evaluate it.

These are new features that will bring even more capabilities to this messaging service, making communication easier and better. Now let’s find out what is being tested and how everyone on smartphones can enjoy them.

Problems with other news services throughout 2021 gave the telegram the space it needed. Utilizing this gap, it has grown to become a trusted and widely used platform, increasing the number of its active users.

Now rated news will further enhance this project. We started with the possibility of creating protected texts to avoid spoilers, in which users choose whether or not to read.

Telegram Android Smartphone News

This option will be in the customization of the sent text, select the spoiler option. To read it, tap the received message and it will appear with hidden and unreadable text. It is also possible to easily share QR codes across channels.

The second novelty comes with reactions. Telegram users have more ways to express their opinions and feelings about the messages they receive. A total of 11 emojis are available to users.

Telegram Android Smartphone News

As we said before, telegram messages are still being tested and may be suspended if problems occur. All users in the dialog are required to have this 8.4 beta version.

Anyone who wants to test these telegram messages now can do so on Android. This version is not available in the Play Store, but can be obtained from the company's repository Microsoft Application Center. Once downloaded, it needs to be installed on Android smartphones.

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